Decorating with plants has never been so fashionable

Decorating with plants has never been so fashionable

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If you also suffer from addiction to plantsWe are sorry to tell you that the cure is far (far away) from our hands. In fact, We are here to make you wish that every corner of your house is green, because the social network Pinterest arrives full of new trends That you are going to fall in love. Ready, Set, Go!

Advertising - Keep reading under Plants in a frame

Do you remember college herbariums? Then create your own by drying the pressed sheets and then framed with a glass.

A vegetable mobile

It's just about choosing a frame that fits your style. Light and simple hanging on silk thread. Nice, right?

In the bathroom, do not miss

Bathing under a roof of plants is a real joy ... and it is also a trend!

Under the green roof

To achieve this, place a rope from wall to wall, and add hooks to the plants

Green wall

Vertical gardens will begin to fill the walls of bars, shops ... and houses!

A leafy picture

It is not necessary that the vertical garden occupies an entire wall. It looks beautiful as if it were a work of art.

A screen ... of flowers

Another idea that we love is to decorate the room dividers with flowers or plants.

Separate with plants

A small interior garden like this can be used to create a little privacy.

Aromatic herbs

To cook like a real chef, you need a row of aromatic plants in your kitchen.

Complement in the kitchen

See how beautiful they are hanging from a retro style bar!

A different pots

One of the most successful searches lately on Pinterest is to put terrariums on the wall

And a little thing?

The options are endless, it's just about imagination

Chic Vases

On the other hand, glass terrariums continue to rise in the list of natural successes!

Green and bottled

Is there anything more magical than a bottled seedling?