Organize your kitchen in a practical way

Organize your kitchen in a practical way

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The kitchen It is one of the rooms in the house that requires more organization. To the drinks and foods it is necessary to add the varied household, which demands a specific place that allows it to always be ready. Distribute your equipment between cabinets and shelves, trying to make the most of all the modules, including drawers, and with practicality, as they are objects that are even used several times a day. You know, in the background what you use less and always at hand the dishes.

- Protects cutlery. Dedicate an exclusive space to spoons, forks and knives. Normal cutlery needs 25 cm long and the drawer will never catch if it is 15 cm high. Line it with velvet and divide it with dividers or baskets to store each piece in groups. If they are silver, wrap each one in a felt to protect them from light.
- The dishes, better all together. You can store them in two different ways: Stacked, for which you must keep in mind that a tableware of 12 services requires 35 cm. Or leaning on the back of the cupboard; You must make grooves so they don't fall out.
- And to drink ... Group cups, glasses and cups. For the first two reserve a space of 30 cm high divided with shelves and you can handle them without problems. The perfect bottom is 40 cm. For cups you can use a stand.

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Even if it is not seen, it must be ordered to make the most of your entire space. Stack dishes, place the bowls on top and hang the cups that have handles, leaving in that same shelf for cups and glasses. Dessert plates of porcelain (€ 7.95 each) and teapot (€ 44.95). Everything from the collection Floral, from Pip Studio.

Kitchen shelves

To be practical, spices must be stored in a place that can be seen and easily reached. Place the little pots or row-shaped boxes on some of the kitchen shelves, they will give a decorative touch to the space. The same thing happens with pastry molds or even tablecloths and napkins. So that they do not wrinkle, store them in drawers or hang them on hooks on the lower shelf.

Cup holder

And to drink… Group cups, glasses and cups. For the first two reserve a space of 30 cm high divided with shelves and you can handle them without problems. The perfect bottom is 40 cm. For cups you can use a stand (€ 61.90). This one, with 20 arms, is from IB Laursen, like cups (€ 5.90 each).

Iron shelving

The auxiliary carts have become authentic warehouses on wheels. This peculiarity allows you to easily move them from the kitchen to the dining room. It is essential that they incorporate shelves for a good distribution or baskets and drawers for the smallest utensils. Wood and iron shelf, by Hübsch (€ 875).

Plate holder, Variera model

Stacking plates is the solution to save space. To transport them all at once, without fear of collapsing, use a dish holder accessory. Store it at the bottom, since it will be easier to lift it from the handles. This model Vary, in beech and stainless steel, is from Ikea (8.99). In the upper drawers store tablecloths or napkins; rolled up, occupy less.

Bamboo cutlery

Make the most of the space in your drawers and locate what you are looking for at first sight with cutlery trays. With this bamboo cutlery set you will leave chaotic environments behind and your cutlery will always be neat in addition to avoiding scratches. For sale in Ikea (24.99).

Shelving for daily utensils

While some appliances, such as a sandwich maker, it is better to store them in closed drawers to keep them away from dust and grease, the daily utensils can be placed in an open piece of furniture, since you will scrub it every day. In the picture, 175 cm high shelving, by House Doctor (€ 1,577).

Pine wood cupboard

Bet in your dining room for a large closet with ample storage space that can serve you both for household goods, for cans and condiments or even recipe books. This, with metal visors for labels, allows you to maximize the order. Car-Möbel cupboard in white pine wood (€ 979).