The 20 most original dressing rooms

The 20 most original dressing rooms

Made with pallets or boxes, located in the bathroom or even on the terrace ... We give you the best ideas to assemble a different dressing room as well as functional. Take note!

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Converted cabinets

To these comfortable with doors have been incorporated legs of side tables and internal bars as a coat rack. An idea from the blog, perfect for customizing your bedroom.

2 glazed cupboard

The great advantage of glass doors is that they visually expand the space and allow you to locate the garments immediately. Of course, this dressing is not suitable for messy.

3 Type screen

It offers enough space to hang shirts and dresses, and you can easily move it when you need it. This cute is from Car Möbel.

4 Dormer

With dressers and dressers of different height a dressing room has been mounted that adapts wonderfully to the shape of the ceiling. Then it becomes independent with a colorful curtain, and voila!

5 An elegant donkey

It will be very useful in the dressing room to have on hand the clothes that you use the most. In addition, the lower part can be used to store shoes in boxes.

6 With loft

Ideal for storing the bulkiest things in boxes, under it is a small dressing room that does not lack detail: hanging bar, shelf with compartments and a built-in mirror that expands the space. It communicates with the bedroom through a doorway without a door.

7 With curtains

White curtains serve to make this dressing room independent, equipped with grid baskets in columns in the lower area and shelves in the upper one. Its location in front of the bed makes it very accessible, and even has a work area.

8 Where to store footwear?

If you are also crazy about shoes, this dressing gives you the answer. Several lined shelves provide great storage capacity. In the center, two comfortable dressers, mod. Malm, from Ikea, is ideal for jerseys and shirts. An idea from

9 DIY with pallets

To assemble a dressing room you don't have to have much money or much space, and this is the best test. In the blog Goods Home Design they teach us this: the pallets have been arranged in a column, so that the sides are very useful for placing perfumes or necklaces.

10 Arranged in L

If you want to take advantage of the corners, this is a good formula. Place some shelves at the top: at the bottom of one of them you can put a bar and, under the other, a grid shelf. On the floor, a shelf with wheels will give you a lot of play.

11 Hidden in the bathroom

If you have a small cleaning room like this, copy this idea: place high shelves and close it with two doors (one would subtract more space).

12 In front of the bed

Independent of the sleeping area, but communicated through a vain, this dressing room has adapted perfectly to the available space. The best thing is that they are modules of a closet without doors, but with drawers, removable bars ... Good!

13 With rack baskets

They are very useful to have the clothes in sight and especially practical if they are removable like these, model Elfa, from Howards Storage World.

14 Integrated in the bathroom

No one would say that behind those doors there is a built-in closet with hanging bar, shelves and shoe rack. An ideal proposal for mini floors.

15 On the terrace

Incredible but true. It has been closed and equipped with cabinets and shelves from floor to ceiling, to take more advantage of the space. The white wooden slat floor and curtains give it a super warm look.

16 Between the bed and the bathroom

In this case, a dressing room with sliding doors, with shelves on both sides, functions as a separating element. A great idea if you want to make a bedroom suite.

17 Shelves with double function

On the one hand they serve to store clothes, and on the other, they function as a headboard. Original, right?

18 Corner

In this youth bedroom, the corner between the work area and the sofa bed has been used to make a custom closet with hanging bars. The sliding door, with a fun design, is ideal for gaining meters.

19 Made with wooden boxes

Here is a good way to recycle fruit boxes: just place them stacked and ... voilà! You already have your dressing room. The idea is from the blog Lá em CASA.

20 Separated by Japanese panels

Here the dressing room has been located behind the bed, attached to the wall. The sliding panels facilitate quick access and, in addition, being thin fabric, lighten the space.