A flat with loft airs

A flat with loft airs

In the Born district of Barcelona, ​​full of life, with cafes, restaurants and shops cool is this floor of 78 m2, Owned by a French couple, which has made it their second residence. They discovered it in one of their trips to Barcelona and they love its location, in a small square, surrounded by narrow pedestrian streets. They were encouraged to reform it because they really wanted to feel there at home, and they knew that to achieve it, it was necessary to change its distribution, renovate coatings and facilities ... In short, update it. For this they entrusted the project to the architecture and interior design studio Egue and Seta, formed by Daniel Pérez and Felipe Araujo.

Finished the works the result is a modern and functional house in its distribution and facilities, but with a loft air and brush strokes country Y vintage. Ideal! The starting point was to establish the division of the house into two zones: day and night, and the demolition of some partitions. On the main facade a diaphanous stay, with three balconies to the street, which integrates living room, dining room and kitchen. And towards the patio, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. With the organization of the defined space, it was the turn to interior design. He succeeded by leaving one of the walls with the brick seenbecause with him vault roof original of the house and the new windows in melis pine, the floor sports an image of loft with charm.

The kitchen, open to the living room, powers that look by adding color and dynamism on your wall, with a mix of hydraulic motifs, and on the pavement, with a striking collage of hexagonal pottery, which in its union with the oak flooring, presents a beautiful transition. In the master bedroom a retro atmosphere is also recreated, with a wall with cement effect, paper vintage and furniture mid-century. In harmony the bathroom, with oak washbasin cabinet, and again, maximum visual interest in the coverings; In this case, a dark stoneware, full of nuances, which simulates wood.

Advertising - Keep reading under Furniture, by Habitat, in light wood

The apartment was completely renovated to give more space to the rooms and renew their aesthetics. It maintains its vaulted ceiling, but painted in white, and the old floor is replaced by a warm platform of wide oak slats. Reform carried out by the architecture studio Egue and Seta. Habitat furniture, in light wood. Armchair,
of Ikea and blanket, of Matter. Pouf and pictures, from Cado. Stage, of Winco.

Lounge chair and nest tables

The decoration is committed to timeless pieces and sober upholstery, which have in the complements and the carpet of wool with geometric pattern its dynamic, colorful and vital counterpoint. Chaise longue, sofa, bookcase and nest tables, by Habitat. Cushions, blanket and carpet, from Nordicthink. Lamp, by Gubi, in DomésticoShop.

Hall painted in white

Complete reform. The diaphanous and bright living room has gained meters after demolishing some partitions. The ceiling of vaults, original, prints a loft air to the interiors, and painted in white, is also key to propagate the light.

Tripod table

The platform, which propagates the abundant natural light, brings warmth to the two environments, which share space. Decorated with a sober color palette and current line furniture, they were decorated with current details and accessories. Table Tripod, from Ethnicraft, and Lamp FlowerPot, from & Tradition; purchased online at DomésticoShop. In the foreground geometric tray, Nordicthink, and glass, for sale in Cado.

Gray plaid

The brick wall and the new windows in melis pine wood give a rustic look to the dining room, decorated with refined design furniture. Curious, the design of the two lamps with the shape of a beater. Chairs and table, by Habitat. Cushions and plaid, by Teixidors, in Matèria. Lamps, from Natura. Individual dishes
and basket, of Cado.

Rod lamp

What a surprise! Betting on original details personalizes the decoration of any environment. The lamps, from Natura, on this floor attract attention because of their unique rod screen, inspired by a manual whisk.

Rattan tablecloth

Simple kitchenware. In pure white, decorated with black edge. This basic, and others that abound in homes, can be given more prominence with a low plate or an individual. Here it was made with a circular yellow rattan. Tableware and individual, of Cado.

Hexagonal pavement

After the reform, the kitchen is a third room in the living room that is masterfully delimited with a double collage of coverings. BC3 Cocinas furniture, designed by Egue and Seta. Appliances, Balay. Grifo, from Nova. Sink, by Franke. Tile that mimics the hydraulic tile, of Neoceramics. Hexagonal pavement, of Equipe.

Long Island Countertop

With practicality, the countertop of the island extends on both sides to increase the work surface and create a maxi breakfast bar. Plus in style: the paneled refrigerator next to the wall blends in with the cabinets.
Stools, from SuperStudio. Balay extractor hood. Wicker basket, from Cado. Wooden board, by Matèria.

Crystal fountain

In harmony. Glass, wood, stonewashed fabrics ... pieces like these bring warmth and authenticity to kitchens with wooden furniture ... Glass fountain, from Little House. Matèria table, cloth and bowl.

Revital Tray

Pieces that shine. Decorate with dishes, trays, fountains ... that stand out for their good design or motifs. Take them out of the sideboard! The tray revival, from Nordicthink, can also be used as a centerpiece. Glass, of Cado.

Chair and printed cushion

The superimposition of very soft tones in the bedroom transmits calm and well-being. In this calm and peaceful atmosphere, adding an extra dose of mustard color is revealed as a great success. Chair, Vitra, and printed cushion, for sale at DomésticoShop. Bedspread, blankets, Teixidors, beige quad and carpet, Matèria. Striped curtain,
from Ikea. The picture is from Little House.

Painted paper

The bedroom decoration recreates the simplicity of other times. The wooden furniture, with the oblique legs, is inspired by the designs of the middle of the last century, and the gray walls, with dusty effect and multiple shades, accentuate that vintage air. Bed, bedside table and dresser, Habitat. Lamp, from SuperStudio. Paper, Three Inks. BTicino switches.

Washbasin with furniture

The gray-colored porcelain, with wood effect, brings sophistication to the bathroom, rectangular in shape. They tint their intensity, an infallible duo, white and oak, that squanders luminosity and warmth. Washbasin, furniture and coverings, Neoceramic. Countertop, from Silestone. Taps, by Ramon Soler. Towels, from Filocolore. Toilet bag, soaps and carpet, by Matèria

Liquid soaps

More flirtatious Soaps, gels, perfumes, cosmetics and candles. If they are arranged in style in a basket or tray, they look like hotel amenities. A luxury at your fingertips with deco value! Soaps, by Matèria.

Distribution plan

Detail of the floor distribution plan.