A house decorated in dark tones

A house decorated in dark tones

Wooden furniture in wenge and neutral walls are the basis of our reader's house. We enter their environments to discover their passion deco.

Advertising - Keep reading under The facade of the house

A detached house with a garden where Janette lives with her family.

The garden

Decorated with sculptural furniture.

With color on the walls

The color on the walls brings the patio to life.

The living room

For the interior, our reader has chosen furniture in dark tones on neutral walls. The browns and the furniture finished in wenge are protagonists in the day area, both in the living room and in the dining room and in the kitchen.

In the living area

A couple of sofas and a large square coffee table.

Table detail

Detail of the deco accessories that decorate the surface of the coffee table.

Well decorated walls

In this image you can see the decoration that Janette has chosen for the living room wall.

A personal corner In the living room, a maxi sculptural figure

It makes transition between environments: living room and dining room.

The dinner room

The dining room, in the same line as the living room, is decorated with a table and sullas and a large capacity sideboard.

Detail on the dining room table Neutral walls and floors

Neutral walls and floors allow furniture to be dark without saturating.

Next to the transition sculpture The kitchen

The furniture is distributed in a U-shape and is also finished in wenge.

Sink in front of the window With breakfast bar

The kitchen furniture closes with a breakfast bar.

A corner of gathering The bedroom

With a decorative and symmetrical composition on the headboard wall.


One of the bedrooms, with color both in textiles and in deco wall accessories.

Youth bedroom