Make a ruffle curtain

Make a ruffle curtain

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That's how beautiful the curtain we have made with the Alpes fabric by KA has been. Extensible bar of Gallery House.

2 Step 1

For a 120 cm window, cut a piece 240x260 cm high, 30 cm for the hem, and another, 240x45 cm for the steering wheel. Overlap and secure with pins.

3 Step 2

For the bias, cut a strip of red cloth 6x240 cm. Fold 1 cm on each side, iron, fold in half and iron the tape again.

4 Step 3

To attach the steering wheel to the curtain, place the bias made previously with the edges of the fabric coinciding in the center. You can pass the iron to keep it.

5 Step 4

Hold the bias with pins; sew it Make another bias to finish off the wheel the same way. Sew the curtain hem and attach it to the bar with tweezers and eyelets.