Carnations and lavender: Fill your garden with color and delicious aromas

Carnations and lavender: Fill your garden with color and delicious aromas

The carnation: pure passion

Of the genre Dianthus, It is a herbaceous and perennial plant, with woody stem. According to Christian legend, carnations were born from the tears of the Virgin Mary when Christ was taken to Mount Golgotha, carrying the cross. With more than 200 species, its leaves remain green all year round and its flowers have at least five wavy or toothy petals. Its shades range from the classic red, to pink, yellow and white.

Carnations are perfect to make a center for its volume and bulging shape. And, in addition, they stay fresh for up to 3 weeks.

They are classified depending on the number of flowers and their size. You can find different varieties: Mediterranean carnation, or standard, American or miniature.

Care. The ground must be loose, porous and with good drainage, since it does not tolerate waterlogging. It needs the sun to grow properly, although it is capable of withstanding low temperatures. The optimum humidity should be between 60 and 70% and the risks must be frequent and short, keeping the substrate moist at all times.

Grip. With this technique you will get the plant to branch, the number of flowers being greater. It is advised to do two. The first, on the main stem, making a cut above the 5th knot, and the second on the buds resulting from the first.

Lavender: Aroma of Provence

Lanterns and pots, of Parlane

The lavender plant It is one of the favorite aromatic herbs, both for its beauty, as for its color and perfume. You can grow it in pots, watering once a week in warm weather areas and receiving the sun 6 hours a day.

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Spring at home

Wallpaper with cactus, pattern Terrariums10 m roll 130,38 €, from Sanderson, for sale in Gancedo.

If you like nature and do not have a place to put the plants, wallpaper can be a great ally to give a new air to the decoration. Customize every space in your home, the living room, hall or bedroom, with plant or botanical motifs, not forgetting the cactus.

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Respect for nature

Drip irrigation is gentle with plants and economical.


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The advantages of the system drip irrigation They are multiple: they save water, reaching to reduce its consumption up to 50%; cancel the evaporation; favor the strong plant development and healthy, causing the roots to deepen instead of spreading and reducing the growth of fungi and weeds. They are simple to install and versatile and, above all, they cost little money.

Mini urban gardens

It is the perfect guide to learn to grow vegetables and vegetables in your own home.

Mini Orchards: A step-by-step guide to revolutionize your balcony. From Marta Rosique and Raúl Piqueras, from Zenith.

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