This bedroom has a magical reading corner

This bedroom has a magical reading corner

As a child who loved books that he dreamed of tree houses, suspended bridges and ships covered with fairy dust, he never imagined that something so magical could come true in an ordinary child's bedroom. But when Rob Adams, a video game artist from Bellevue, Washington, heard his 6-year-old daughter Lia say that she wanted a "fairy tree" in her bedroom, she went to work to transform a normal room into a wonderful world ... story.

"I was not prepared for the physical demands of this project," he wrote in his post on Imgur. "I was inspired by Disney's stage design. Despite the difficulty, I learned a lot during the process. In the end it turned out pretty well, and she is so happy in her new room!"
He spent almost 350 hours over a period of 18 months and was spent on materials around $ 4,250 to create the magic, but the result is well worth it.

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A custom made tree creates a very special reading corner.

The finished project A tree with levels

There is also a half-height seating area. Here, the happy customer enjoys her new kingdom.

The fairy window

He cut the fairy windows, and used watercolor paper as a crystal.


Blown glass ornaments.

Own light

The tree has its own reading light inside, with a 12v intensity regulator, installed on the interior wall.

A magical atmosphere

The gold brooch or put a garland of Christmas lights, controlled by a regulator.

Scale model

Rob started with a sketch, followed by a 1:12 scale model.

"I used modeling clay and some plywood to recreate the dimensions of your room, including the window and ceiling beams. I drew lines from the grid 1" apart. And I put everything in the oven for 25 minutes at 275 degrees to harden it. "

Paint the sketch

After making the model, he drew the silhouette of the model on the bedroom wall so that he could place the steel reinforcement bar directly to the lines.

The structure

He used 3/8 "reinforcing bars and 1/8" steel bars, from Home Depot and remains that he already had, and began welding the tree structure, making sure it was strong enough to withstand the weight of three adults (although it was intended for children).

The colors and the ground

After applying concrete for the trunk and papier-mâché for the outer branches, he began painting, making sure to mix several colors. He also painted the walls and installed wooden floors, except in the curved space where he planned to put a soft green carpet.

Branches and flowers

To decorate the tree canopy

The branches of the tree

Silk branches, plastic ferns, birds and butterflies, hand-blown glass ornaments, and fancy foliage to decorate the top of the tree.

The room before

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