French blogger Billie Blanket has designed a dream bedroom

French blogger Billie Blanket has designed a dream bedroom

La redoute

Feminine and warm, this is the bedroom that the French blogger and journalist, Billie Blanket, designed exclusively for La Redoute Interieurs.

Advertising - Keep reading under Tuft carpet La redoute

A dream space starring soft colors and natural materials, with special emphasis on esthetic vintage.

Afombra from € 229.

Duvet cover La redoute

Designed as if it were a trip to our childhood, the decoration bets on a large bed with headboard in pink velvet, a small table, a small closet, a dressing table with mirror and several compartments, a bed and trunk bench, and a chair.

Get the duvet cover from € 99.99

Vintage dressing table La redoute

Further, also includes small decorative objects like a small round mirror, two lamps of different sizes in natural fibers, as well as a pair of traditional style carpets, next to round baskets that give corners personality.

Do you like the dressing table? € 319

Velvet frame mirror La redoute

If you liked the trio of round mirrors: € 44.99

Bed foot bench La redoute

The collection is completed with several pieces of home textile, as a simple set of sheets in white, a plaid of terracotta style, or a pair of cushions with details, finishes and prints that give character to the bedroom.

The bank at the foot of the bed € 359

Wall bedside table La redoute

Save space with these bedside tables 109 €

Pillowcase La redoute

Romantic and feminine, they create the ideal soft background to create contrast with the colored cushions. White covers: € 27.99

Set of 3 jute baskets La redoute

For plants, flowers or even to organize your toiletries, or in the bathroom: € 27.99

Jute lamp shade La redoute

An ideal ethical touch. In addition you are natural fiber lamps create a warm lighting effect ideal for the bedroom. € 64.99

Plaid La redoute

On the white bedding, the plaid adds a warm touch to the unique atmosphere. € 79.99