A room decorated with a canopy, a unicorn and a lot of magic

A room decorated with a canopy, a unicorn and a lot of magic

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The Piccolo Mondo team took care of this project, a children's bedroom for a dreamy girl with a lot of imagination. The interior design was organized around two premises: the choice of furniture that adapts as the small one grows, and the decoration based on the contrast between the powdered pink - a version of the range with more visual impact than the cake - and the target.

The first color was used as the background of the stamped paper lining the walls, and to animate the decoration with some cushions and plaids, while white was awarded to furniture, canopy and blinds. The result is A very personal environment. The stuffed animals that dot the bedroom show that the owner still wants to play, while the study corner and mirrors indicate that her tastes and habits are modified. When it grows, it will be enough to change the accessories to adapt the bedroom to the passage of time.

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In most of these types of beds, the curtains are decorative, that is, falls of vaporous fabrics. Its beauty is highlighted in the corners, knotted with ribbons. In fact, few models incorporate enough fabric to completely surround the bed, since it would take so many meters of curtain that, collected, would be too pursed and would not be aesthetic.

Study zone

The space between the bed and the window was used to place the table ... for now. The house-shaped mirrors on the wall allow the small owner of the bedroom to try necklaces, earrings and hairstyles. When it grows, the area will evolve with it and become a dressing table.
Ideas to store.

At the foot of the bed a trunk was placed, and on it
a mat was placed to also serve as a bank. The space between the floor and the bed base - higher in the four-poster beds - was used to store clothes from another season, in boxes.

Pink flamingo

The bedroom also includes one of the fashion trends in decoration: fun hunting trophies made with cloth. A pink flamingo in the reading corner, on these lines, and a white unicorn in the rest area, put a trendy note in the atmosphere. Have you noticed the armchair? Its skate-shaped legs allow you to rock gently while reading or listening to music.

Next to the bed

Side table Go, from La Redoute Interieurs; in 31 x 35 x 50 cm cm (€ 119).

Side table

Side table Go, from La Redoute Interieurs; in 31 x 35 x 50 cm cm (€ 119).

At ground level

From Lorena Canals, carpet Big star (299 €).

Soft rhinoceros

It measures 35 x 32 x 35 cm and is from Piccolo Mondo. Trophy (€ 94.50).