[Gardening] Start thinking about the new season

[Gardening] Start thinking about the new season

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After holidays

It is possible that on your return you will find the indoor plants, with some detached leaves or with dry tips. Your absence has taken its toll, but you may still be in time to rescue them and recover their vigor.

If they have straight sheets, the substrate is dry, with little weight, and there is a gap between the pot walls and the ground, then it has dried. But maybe, I haven't done it completely. It acts like this: it eliminates the withered and fallen leaves and the dried flowers, and trims the tips of the dried leaves; then, immerse the pot in a bowl with warm water and without fertilizer, or in the bathtub, until the soil is soaked and swollen again, or when bubbles stop coming out; Take the pot out of the water, let it drain and remove the surface of the earth - without damaging the roots - to let them air. Finally, remove the dust and / or dirt from the leaves with a damp cloth and, if they are very thin, spray the leaves with a sprayer. In a few days you will know if the above has worked; If you notice that the stems return to their original thickness and some leaves are green again, you will have succeeded.

Options so that in your absence the plants do not dry out again, or if you are about to go on vacation: porous ceramic cones, water gels, self-growing pots and irrigation blankets, among others.

Advertising - Read on below How to decorate the bike with flowers

1. Cut a floral sponge with the size of the basket and moisten it.
2. Select wild flowers, such as chamomile, lavender, aromatic plants, thistle, anemones and astrantias; and for green, include aromatic varieties: rosemary, eucalyptus ...
3. Clean each stem and cut the bias with florist knife.
4. Shallowly stab the stems one by one in the sponge, unstructuredly, to maintain the wild style, not forgetting to maintain consistency and balance in the floral arrangement.
5. Use moss to cover the areas of floral sponge that are visible.

- The height of the composition is regulated with the height at which the stems are cut. Therefore, it is recommended to place
the basket with the sponge on a table to avoid mistakes.
- If you want a cascading arrangement, like sprouting
of the bike basket, the floral part would be placed on
the sponge and with florist wire could be covered
the basket with falling greens, like branches of
Fern, for example, to achieve this effect.
- The moss, in addition to hiding the sponge, helps maintain the degree of moisture necessary to preserve the arrangement.

Information prepared with the collaboration of Cristina & Co., a study dedicated to the organization and design of weddings and events.

Plants to succeed

The landscaping studio The Green Room has developed a plant list designed for a terrace or a garden with pots and planters in Madrid or places with continental climate and urban environment. Take note!
- The photinias or Photinia Red Robin, the viburnals or Viburnum and the common boxwood or Buxus sempervirens, Three evergreen shrubs.
- The Phyllostachys bamboo, Perfect because of the height it reaches, it acts as a visual barrier and lets light through, but it occupies little volume.
- The jasmine italian or Trachelospermum jasminoides, Leaf climber almost evergreen, with a milder aroma than other varieties.
- Lavandula dentata, an aromatic whose leaves have small lobes that make it decorative even when it has no flowers.
- African linen or Phormium tenax, for its architectural bearing.
- The agapanths or Agapanthus africanus, a vivacious plant whose flowers are especially decorative and that during the winter creates a beautiful green mantle with its leafy leaves.

Vintage watering can

Yes aesthetics vintage You are attracted as much as the flowers, you will like the design of this metal shower. With its blue color to chalk, it updates its lookIt can also be a vase for your next bouquet.

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Glass vase

Find the vase that most enhances each bouquet and you will see how the flowers surprise you. The colorless crystal is a safe value, but the pink, with these poppies, is spectacular (11 / dozen in Los Peñotes).