What you should keep in mind when choosing a new sink and its faucet

What you should keep in mind when choosing a new sink and its faucet

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Washbasins: many options

Ceramic and stainless steel models have been joined by other modern materials, such as synthetic resins, which can be integrated into the countertop itself forming a single body. They do not carry together, so cleaning is easier. The stone or cement basins are beautiful; However, they weigh a lot. And an option widely used in outdoor sinks, but that is gradually being incorporated into bathrooms is the terrazzo, which allows varied pigmentations and very diverse forms.

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Types of toilets: Built-in, exempt or integrated in the countertop are perfect if you have space and need to store. If not, better suspended or with pedestal.

Watch out for the measurements! It is the first thing you should consider when choosing the sink: width, height and depth.

One or two breasts? It will depend on the space and the use you give it. There are sinks of a 33x33 cm breast; If you choose two, you will need at least 103x49 cm.

Carmen basin, from Roca.

Washbasins with storage. A standing model, like Carmen de Roca (in the photo above), is ideal for mini bathrooms, but prevents storage. If you need it, choose auxiliary furniture or shelves.

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Retro air The sink and the column is not a unique piece. Choose both in the same style so that your bathroom has uniformity.

Mixer taps

They save more water than those with two keys. The opening and mixing are controlled with a single lever, and much less liters of water are spent.

The taps provided with timer with button: The flow is open a few seconds.

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What kind of pipe?

Low, it is ideal in sinks integrated in countertops; high, it is very good in overlapping sinks; embedded, when the water intakes are on the wall. They leave free space on the countertop.

- Termost nostalgic They provide savings and comfort, since the desired temperature is regulated and set, without opening the tap until it is reached.

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- Aiirrigators Devices that mix air and water as a result of pressure and serve to restrict the flow rate, although they produce a generous jet without splashing. There are several types of aerators (conventional, calibrated or limiting and waterbreakers). Its installation does not require work: the taps are provided with a universal thread and with an assembly / disassembly operation the filters are easily replaced.

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In the rest of the bathroom

Eco-stop showers. We consume about 100 l of water every time we shower. Pressing a button on the handle, the "eco" artichokes stop the flow - for example, while lathering ourselves - and restore it with the same pressure and temperature.

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Cidual discharge sterna. They allow you to choose the amount of water used in the toilet. A discharge can use between 6-12 l, while in those of this type you can choose between 3-4 liters or 6-9 liters.

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