Create your own garden in the garden

Create your own garden in the garden

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The number of fans of the garden at home and gardening, even among urban areas, is growing. Become an expert in horticulture and gardening It is something that does not happen overnight, but some goals can be easily achieved.

Basic Tips: not everything is compatible; Find out, for example, which vegetables are (look for more information on the Horturbà website). It combines short-cycle crops (very little time passes between planting and harvesting) such as lettuce, and longer cycle, such as carrots.

Theoretical and practical courses: Would you rather receive some classes first? Then participate in the urban / ecological garden and gardening workshops that are organized in many garden centers or ask at your town hall; You can contact the Department of Environmental Education. They are free.

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A greenhouse at home allows you to plant the crops and flowers you want, without worrying about the weather. In addition, you can control insects or diseases and obtain greater yield and advancement of fruits.

A wooden greenhouse like this one, with greenish blue paint, by Laura Ashley (58 / 2.5 l) is not suitable for all exteriors… But there are greenhouses for small spaces, which occupy the same as a chest of 90 x 55 x 70 cm approx. Look at the Gardman signature website.

What a diversion!

Work the land, water the plants, make a seedbed and learn basic cultivation techniques ... While the children are entertained, they learn the parts of a flower and the fruits.

Everything is stimulating! The easiest crops in the garden: lettuce, chard, garlic, onion and radish; and for a mini garden, the aromatic ones.

Enjoy and disconnect

First step: seeds or pots? The impatient prefer plants that are developed, because they take less time to offer their fruits. For others, it is more satisfying to see how small seeds grow little by little.

On a small scale Do you just want to try if you have a hand for plants or lack space at home? If this is your case, try a mini greenhouse, for two or three plants; It does not require a large investment.

The ideal: place it in a south-facing window. It can be hung on the wall or on a flat surface. Model IKEA PS 2014, by Ikea, in steel and polystyrene; It measures 46 x 18 x 45 cm (€ 29.99).

For culinary use

Mint, thyme, basil, garlic, oregano, coriander, parsley ... are very easy to grow. You just have to think about what herbs you like to use in your recipes and get a bowl to plant the seed.

Even easier, two by one, in these Herbs pots there are already seeds of aromatic herbs; Take several to decorate and spice up (€ 1.99 each at the Casa stores).


With clean and boiled eggshells in a casserole, to remove debris, make a seedbed and use the cardboard as a support.

With a punch punch the bottom, which will serve as a drain. Add substrate, seeds and water a little.

When they are ready for the transplant, the shell is broken and the root ball is removed cleanly. Cultivation games Froër, from Ikea (€ 2.99 / three).

Humus, substrate, peat, compost ...

In a short time you will know what they are for, how and when to use them. Earth, soil and substrate are used as synonyms, but they are different concepts.

Find information in the search engine www.gardena.com/es/. In the photo, earthworm humus, to improve soil characteristics (€ 4.95) and gardener (€ 20.50). From Leroy Merlin.

Home garden

Where to start? On the AKI website, www.jardin.aki.es, you can consult and download a sowing calendar, see several models of urban gardens and follow, step by step, the tips to grow it.

You need an elevated mini-garden, with a complete irrigation system and measures 1.14 x 0.49 x 0.75 m (€ 79.95) and a tray of horticultural seedbeds (€ 2.49), among other things; both in AKÍ.