How to achieve a fresh marine style at home

How to achieve a fresh marine style at home


The look sailor It has always been updated. The decoration is still fresh and the contrast of blues and whites, but the environments are more sophisticated and nothing recharged.

Frame with paspartú conch shells or other treasures of the sea; Best in models with showcase. Paint a complement or a piece of blue and white. Design coasters or individual with rope: on a felt circle, spread textile glue and roll the rope from the center outwards.

The number of details of inspiration navy It is reduced to avoid saturation of space and visual fatigue. Too many details do not decorate ... they tire. Shops with classic and current accessories: Nautical Merino, The Merchant of the Sea, The Nautical Shop, Marine Store ...

Wall decoration, with nautical motifs: collection papers Fregate Y Marine, of Casadeco, and model Blue sailing, in More options: photomurals, vinyls, letters oversized, paddles and lifeguards ...

Advertising - Keep reading below Vintage tap with jugs or jars

A collage of ocean chic details that distill maximum freshness, the same that feels at the edge of the sea or in full crossing. The vintage touch is put by pitchers or jars rescued from the sea floor, braided ropes ... Marble aesthetics can be found at Esteban Ferrer Crafts. Conch shells to decorate, in El Mercader del Mar. Cutter Bank, of the Skagerak firm.

Surfboard for a marine environment

Risk and win! The surfboard is a focal point in the decoration, due to its dimensions and vibrant chromaticism. They are infallible to evoke the beach and the sea in the houses of coast. Standing or horizontally they are a must. Decorative tables, at Cart Trays, by Kartell, in methacrylate and chromed steel. Similar rattan chair, in HK Living and House Doctor.

Dining room with blue wall and red floor

The red strokes enliven the classic blue-white binomial and are unique to grab attention in this dining room with such a navy palette. The atmosphere looks impeccable with the wall in deep blue and the carpet in scarlet red. Furniture and details soften the stark contrast. Orion lamps, by Koziol. Mediterranean red metallic fountain, from Alessi.

Summer-inspired pillows and blankets

Recreate the comfort of luxe yachts with cushions and sailor-inspired summer blankets and a comfortable chaise longue. Activate vacation mode in your mind to disconnect and enjoy. You will succeed if you combine varied prints: stars, anchors, rudders, flags, ships ... Textiles with navy designs, from Lexington. Similar side table, from Sancal.

Seafood table with blue glass cups

Elegant and fresh, blue is a classic at sea tables. The presentation will gain interest with a mix of tones. Mixing tones tones the whole. Choose at least one of the pieces with a navy design. In this case, the light blue glass cups evoke crystal clear waters. Behind, support for jewelry and jewelry with coral, similar, from the firm Koziol. Similar candles, from Point à la Ligne. An easy idea to do: download free printables with sailor motifs for bookmarks and pennants or to decorate napkin rings, drinks, snacks, desserts ... You will see them on the web

Beach-inspired upholstery

The panel that precedes the sailor sofa evokes the visual effect of the bubbles emerging to the surface ... While the upholstery of the sofa reminds of the sun loungers and beach huts. The plastic chains are a design of the Koziol firm, to decorate and separate environments. For the Klippan sofa, by Ikea, a white and blue striped cover was made. The blue Sofia fabric, also from Ikea, is similar to the one in the photo.

Tableware from another era

The glazed earthenware, finished in white and blue, brings pleasant summer memories of old dishes. Flat plate (€ 90/4 pcs.), For dessert (€ 65/4 pcs.) And bowls (€ 70/4 seats), from Lexington.

Vintage airs

Aged finishes and untreated blue or white patinated wood provide added charm, as they simulate the typical deterioration of furniture and fixtures that coexist daily with saltpeter. Chairs (€ 91 each) and table Hampton (€ 231). Umbrella Matty (€ 58). Everything from House Doctor, for sale in Nordic Style.