The latest trend: Eggs cloud

The latest trend: Eggs cloud

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The instagrammers they are going crazy with this dish. It involves "nesting" an egg yolk in the center of a white "cloud." Nicknamed sweetly "cloud eggs", this great idea for breakfast, brunch dinner or you could well be the best look for some eggs.

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My first attempt making cloud eggs. They look pretty good if I may say so and so delicious. 😋 #myfirstattempt #cloudeggs #eggfast #lchf #lowcarb #highfat #ketogenicdiet #ketolifestyle #ketodiet #ketosis #ketogenic #keto

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We hear that egg clouds ☁️ is the latest food trend. Not sure what they are? Our Magnificent Eggs Clouds recipe, developed by Khoollect Cook @, can be found in our cookbook! 🙌 Sign up to our newsletter to try this delicious brunch option.

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Eggs on a Cloud Operation make eggs more interesting underway. I saw this on @ketoliciousness IG page. This was pretty good… you gotta add spices or cheese to the whipped whites for flavor. I added parmasan cheese, Himalayan salt and pepper. #EggOnACloud #CloudEggs #eggs #eggfast #keto #ketogenic #ketosis #hflc

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Also known as "eggs in the cloud" (Eggs-in-a-cloud), are prepared by separating the egg, breaking the egg the egg (delicious extras such as cheese, spices and vegetables), and then placing the egg on a baking sheet. First, the egg whites are baked for about three / five minutes before adding the yolks and baking again.

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🍳☁️🍞 #EggInACloud #EggCloud #CloudEgg #CloudEggs #CloudToast

A post shared by Kristi Farinelli (@kristifarinelli) on May 7, 2017 at 11:52 am PDT

In the end, you can cover them with spices and chives, serve them on toast, sprinkle them with cheese. Your breakfast and your Instagram will thank you.

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Getting very looked after by @ b3nlunt - woke up to breakfast in bed 😍 I could get used to this maternity lark #cloudeggs

A post shared by Lucie Cave (@luciecave) on Oct 8, 2015 at 5:37 am PDT

To see the recipe step by step, visit our friends in Delish.

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