A practical and stylishly decorated bathroom

A practical and stylishly decorated bathroom

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The bathroom can have a lot of you. The ideas do it yourself They also have a place in this environment. A change of color in the walls, tiles that no longer look and that need a coat of paint or be renewed with a vinyl, storage solutions on the walls ...

Do you dare to make the bathroom furniture yourself?


- Wooden board.
- Basin to embed.
- Chrome faucet and drain mechanism.
- Keyhole saw.
- Squares to hold the sink.
- Transparent silicone.
- Screws and screwdriver.

Choose the model first sink you want to put and measure its diameter. Order a wooden board for the surface or, if you prefer, opt for countertops kitchen that have multiple finishes and come with rounded edges. With the jigsaw, make the hole where the sink and the bathroom will go. faucetOr better, ask to have it cut at the store. Before calculating well where the drain key is so that the sink is centered. Screw the brackets to the wall and the board. These are sold with a crossbar that serves as a towel rail. Then insert the sink and faucet and fix them to the countertop with silicone to avoid water seepage. Make the water and drain connections.

Advertising - Read on below Mirror with led bulbs

To light the bathroom, place some wall lights on both sides of the mirror with LED bulbs, as if it were your private dressing room. You will feel like a star! Ledsjö wall lamp, by Ikea (€ 49.99 each). Soap dish, soap and towel dispenser, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Metal cabinet door

What fun! Next to the bathroom, a closet with metal door. White dragonflies from Kenay Home decorate the door. Letters made with insulating tape, by Leroy Merlin, define its use; A simple detail that personalizes this space.

Sliding door to gain space

Sliding doors and work solutions are good allies when it comes to taking advantage of the meters. The bathroom has been closed with a slide and in a wall, the counters recess has been used as storage.


Like dragonflies. These butterflies are from the Umbra firm.

Niche to store

A niche to store: when space is scarce, you have to take advantage of all the options. In the tiled shower, a setback was used to place the bathroom tools.

Other DIY ideas to copy

The same idea as in this bathroom: a wooden countertop, blown up, with a counter top sink and a wall mirror. Underneath, a maxi basket for towels.

With wood too

A wooden shelf, installed on the wall, in the front of the sink, on which the mirrors are supported. A proposal, from Ikea.

A hanging mirror

A design with chain, cable or rope, hung on the wall. It is sold at H&M Home.


Another touch handmade For the bathroom is to paint the walls or a part. If you reform it, leave a part of the wall exposed, without tiles, and add color. Here, the front of the bathtub is colored like the wall.

This bathroom belongs to the El Paraíso Escondido hotel.

With wallpaper

You just have to avoid coming into direct contact with water. You can play on the walls with paint and paper, tiles and paper or a wood and paper base. Photo: from Sanderson to Gancedo.

On the wall

Take the opportunity to decorate the wall with practical solutions: hooks or hangers to organize small accessories in textile baskets. These are from House Doctor.


You can install towel rails, on the wall or under the wooden countertop of the sink, but it is enough with hooks on which the towels hang from a strip.

Towels, from H&M Home.

An extra help

As a bucket for clothes pending washing, a decorative basket. It will also serve to store clean towels. Basket, from Zara Home.