Siesta time: 15 furniture for you to have the best naps

Siesta time: 15 furniture for you to have the best naps

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The English Court

Now that the good weather arrives, you want to go outdoors to enjoy the sun and heat. Those relaxing moments with a good book in your hands or savoring a coffee, while a cool breeze runs through the garden ... are small pleasures that we are looking forward to enjoying again. To help you create the best and most peaceful environment, we have compiled a selection of 15 sun loungers, armchairs and outdoor hammocks to tune your garden, in these months ahead. We know, they waste style and comfort, so the hard part will be not to succumb to sleep. Discover them and enjoy your naps!

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A very simple piece designed to lie down and directly, take a nap. Its color and fringes will give your garden a touch boho chic which is fully up to date

In addition, you will love it by the touch so soft and nice of the fabric and for its comfort when placing or transporting it.

The English Court, 54,90 €.


Shell double sunbed The English Court

An original sun lounger made of natural fibers with fluffy cushions for excellent comfort. It is very decorative, perfect to place in the garden. In addition to its functionality, it stands out for its comfort, its cozy appearance and its touch of natural style, trend this new season.
If you are one of those who enjoy sleeping nap in company, this sunbed is perfect for you.

The English Court, 1.499 €.


Rattan rocking chair The English Court

For kids it is also time to relax. We have fallen in love with this rattan mini rocking chair White color. It looks like a toy, but it is super functional.

The way in which it rests on the ground makes that, in addition to having a controlled swing, the smallest of the house are totally safe, without risk of overturning.

The English Court, 59€


Cannes sunbed The English Court

A sunbed with a very elegant and sophisticated design, of simple lines, perfect to raise the deco of your garden.

Its reclining backrest adds even more points in comfort making it a totally irresistible piece. In addition, the beige of your cushions allows to be combined with other textiles of more striking colors and finish giving the note chic to the exteriors of your house.

The English Court, 579 €.


Junco seesaw The English Court

It stands out for its design but also for its comfort and is perfect both to give a big head and to have a good tanning session. The cushion extra soft and comfortable It makes it even more palatable.

The original half-egg shape is super original both on porches or terraces and in the garden.

The English Court, 399 €.


Umbrella Parasol Rainbow The English Court

So important is to have something to lie on to sleep, like having a resource under which shelter from the sun. We have chosen these umbrellas of summer colors, metal mast and opening system with crank, very simple to use. They are also perfect to take them to the place of the garden or terrace you want.

The English Court, 52,95 €.


New Florida deck chair The English Court

If what you want is to lose track of time under the sun, this sunbed is perfect for you. Available in white color and also in anthracite (in both versions the nap falls asleep great!). It is a perfect timeless piece to wear throughout the summer season.

Its reclining backrest gives you extra comfort.

The English Court, 99,95 €.


Catamaran mat The English Court

Perfect for both the little ones in the house and for you. Choose it for your relaxing moments when you feel like lying on the grass and even in the pool!

Its moldable material makes it possible become a puff easily.

The English Court, 149,95 €.


Ibiza garden sofa The English Court

We tell you since the comfort of this sofa is guaranteed. It measures 275 cm wide and is 107 cm deep. If you want to share, there are three seats, but if you want everything for you it is perfect for naps (so comfortable and relaxing that you can count on it as an auxiliary bed for guests. It has a one-piece seat cushion and separate back cushions ...

In addition, with its structure 100% aluminum, covered with synthetic fibers, is ideal for the garden or coastal areas: resistant to the most adverse weather conditions.

The English Court, 1.399 €.


Balinese bed Ibiza The English Court

Taking advantage of large outdoor areas is also a success if it is in search of your comfort. One of the best options is to place a balinese bed in which to stretch quietly sheltered from the sun's rays (especially if you fill it with cushions).

A piece of furniture completely designed to relax and that in addition raise any exterior decoration.

The English Court, 1.995 €.


Taiga garden deck chair The English Court

A piece manufactured entirely in rattan, a natural fiber that stands out for its strength and durability. Thanks to its shape and flexibility, this sunbed is very appealing to lie down and give a good head.

In addition, you will surprise your guests for its design and that elegance that gives a stately touch to your garden.

The English Court, 225 €.


Marseille Chaiselongue The English Court

Is chaise longue It is perfect both to look alone and to use it as an extension of another armchair or garden sofa.

Like the previous piece, it is made of aluminum and synthetic fiber, a combination most resistant. In addition, it has two color cushions champagne that form the perfect mix between comfort and style.

The English Courts, 479 €.


Madagascar lounger The English Court

You just have to observe this sunbed to realize, at a first glance, that it will be anything but uncomfortable. Its ergonomic shapes made with rattan fiber and its extra padded cushion makes us crave the most appetizing.

Come on, which is perfect for your moments of rest.

The English Court, 279 €.


Delhi armchair The English Court

Two pieces that form one and that will work as focal point from your garden For his design and comfort It will be difficult for this seat to go unnoticed.

It is manufactured in acacia wood (very resistant) and lined with very flexible synthetic fibers that provide extra comfort to those who try it.

The English Court, 95 €.


Pau Brazil Hammock The English Court

This hippie style hammock is perfect to enjoy it on the hottest summer days. It is made to 100% cotton Breathable, comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

It is compatible with both specific supports for hammocks and to place it moored in two opposite points of your garden.

The English Court, 72,95 €.