10 ideal pools for lazy

10 ideal pools for lazy

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Summer is just around the corner, and there is nothing that gives more laziness than the nuisance of a work at homedon't you think So if your life motto is the dolce far niente, here you have the best pools to spend the hottest months of the year without hardly moving a finger. Ducks to water!

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Hexagon shaped and made of natural wood, as simple as it is beautiful!

Available in Leroy Merlin.

The queen of the garden

This modular pool has been designed to be installed directly on the ground, although the most striking is its straight and elegant design. Perfect!

Available in Piscine Laghetto.

In a tank

One of last summer's trends was to convert typical metal tanks into swimming pools, so… why don't you copy the idea this year?

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Part of the garden

In addition to being very elegant on the porch or garden, having one of the padded sides you can support your neck comfortably, or use that area as a bench!

Available in Piscine Laghetto.


Yes, we know, you just "freak out in colors." And we are so used to seeing swimming pools with white or wooden finishes, that a little variety was already needed, don't you think?

Available in Piscine Laghetto.

King size

If you want to make long ones worthy of an Olympic swimmer, you need this pool in your life.

Available at Tu & Co.

Of stone

This is how you will stay when you install this steel pool with an imitation stone finish.

Available in Leroy Merlin.

To the bathtub

Directly and without complications. Take the bathtub outside, pour it water cool, and to enjoy!

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With jacuzzi included

It is inflatable, has a pool, and also jacuzzi! More advantages impossible.

Available in Hand to Hand.


Being finished in dark brown composite (including the staircase), it will be as discreet in the garden.

Available at Tu & Co.