The simple shelter of James Dean

The simple shelter of James Dean

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In this house in Hollywood Hills, initially owned by Hal B. Wallis, former director of the Warner Bros., lived the legendary actor James Dean in a rented room during the year he filmed East of Eden (East of Eden), Rebel Without a Cause Y Giant. After rolling East of Eden, Dean met the casting director of Rebel Without Cause at a party held in the house.

The 1927 house has recently undergone an elegant renovation, although it retains the original architectural elements. It has about 400 square meters and includes three bedrooms, four bathrooms, glazed terrace, and kitchen open to the dining room.

Dean's rooms were on the ground floor, and included a lounge with a fireplace, a guest room with a bathroom, terrace and private entrance. The house was known for its parties during the 1950s. Dean shot only three films, all in the same year at the age of 24, but they were so powerful that they are still classics today. The day he finished filming his last scene in Giant, He died in a car accident while driving to compete with his new Porsche 550 Spyder in Salinas, California in 1955. He was only 24 years old and, of the three films he made, he only saw East of Eden, since the others had not yet been released.

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The house is now for sale for almost $ 4 million at The Agency, Beverly Hills.

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