How to decorate the sink area with charm

How to decorate the sink area with charm

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This water zone is one of the most decorative parts of the bathroom. Here you have 4 bathrooms and the accessories you need to copy the style.

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Courtesy area The sink is usually located in the central part of the room. To be comfortable, it must have a gap of 70-75 cm wide and about 60 deep.
Built-in faucet It is easier to clean, there is no space left and you have better options when choosing the type of sink. Its installation is more complex than normal faucets (plumber required).
Baskets for order. The models of vegetal fibers and the carts with wheels or books are of great help when it comes to organizing towels, bathrobes, toiletries, dryers, hair straighteners ...
All at hand. Prevent towels from ending up on the floor by placing hooks, bars or towel racks to keep them in place. The Car Möbel firm is committed to minimalist-style environments with simple pieces that do not recharge the environment.

2 Washbasin unit

Acacia oil washbasin unit, mod. Venus, € 179, from La Redoute Interieurs.

3 Shower mat

Anti-slip shower mat, Vitta, 45x70 cm, € 16.90, from

4 Basket

Basket with lighter edge, 41x30x20 cm, € 29.99, from Zara Home.

5 Small spaces

A mini model All specialized firms have 60 cm wide pieces and even some 50 and 45 pieces. For a standard toilet, you need 50 cm so, in one meter, you can have two of the basic parts of any bathroom.
Marble shelf It brings great elegance to the set and, on it, you can place the toiletries that you need to have more at hand such as perfumes or toothpaste.
Look for natural light. Darkness enhances the feeling of suffocating space. Therefore, it is important that there is a window. If there isn't, try opening a skylight.
All at hand. Being a suspended washbasin, a custom marble shelf was created to put soap and brushes.In this room of a Bilbao floor, renovated by interior designers Fran Ugarte and Iñaki Cuesta, the custom mirror is illuminated with a chrome spotlight retro

6 towels

Towels with crochet application on valance: dressing table, € 5.95; sink, € 12.95, and bathroom, € 29.95, from El Corte Inglés.

7 Cement Candle Holders

Pink and silver cement candle holder, € 8.99, from Maisons du Monde.

8 towel rail

Double foot towel rail with glass base and steel structure, model France, 45x69x20 cm, € 38.90, at

9 Rustic air

Thought to share. In bathrooms designed for two people, like this one, it is best to create divisions to use at the same time. You can also duplicate the pieces: two mirrors, sinks and faucets.
Countertop material The most demanded for this piece are granite, quartz, acrylic resin, marble, cement, laminate and tiles. Study its pros and cons and choose the most suitable.
At eye level. The mirrors should be placed about 10-15 cm above the sink but, if you choose a cabinet with a mirror front, extend this margin to 25-35 cm.
Dyed Cement It is the material in which sinks and countertop have been made, thus unifying with walls and floor. The architects Nacho Alonso and Bill Wright sign the reform of this bathroom, of a house in Formentera, in which natural wood predominates.

10 Mirror

Teak frame mirror, Tesk, its measures 100x80 cm, € 59, from Car Möbel.

11 Four piece set

Four-piece set, model, Pure Zen, € 29.95, from Casa.

12 Chrome filter tap

Chrome filter tap, mod. Hamnskär, 10 years warranty, € 89, from Ikea.

13 Classic Elegance

Contrast and win. Dare to mix ceramic tiles at medium height in a neutral tone, like these made by hand, with the strawberry-colored paint of the rest of the wall. Beautiful!
Yes to recycling. Refurbish old furniture and you can get authentic works of art, such as this console that became an ideal furniture underlavabo.
Hydraulic floors. Its strength and attractiveness are indisputable and adapt very well to any style. If you put it in the bathroom, apply a waterproofing varnish to protect it from moisture.
Very original. It brings a unique touch using carved frames as decorative elements. Interior designers and antique dealers Raúl Lou and Ángel Hernández are the architects of this environment that exudes class and elegance.

14 Ceiling lamp

Classic style ceiling lamp with cap technology, Diamond, 59x59 cm, € 80.95, by Leroy Merlin.

15 washbasin

Over-counter washbasin with overflow, Flex, 60x47.5 cm, € 173, Gala.

16 Photo frame

Photo frame, Parure, 13x16 cm, € 3.45, from Maisons du Monde.