The best tricks of our stylist

The best tricks of our stylist

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Classic, contemporary, vintage, industrial, black and white, Nordic ... What style prevails in your home?

If you are undecided because you like them various styles And you don't know which one to opt for, don't worry. Mixes also work if you know how to harmonize them.

Your house is your treasure and only you know how to decorate it to make it yours and that reflects your true personality.

Advertising - Read on below Mix styles

Wicker, wood, metal, glass, paper ... mixtures enrich the environments. Forget about trends, the important thing is to feel at ease.

Silver teaspoons with colored handle

Look for original pieces in markets that give a different air to your home. You will hit!

Original chairs in white

Incorporate original elements into your home, such as these chairs in white and black details that will give a fun air to your home.

Round carpet

Dare to put carpets even in summer. They protect from cold but also from heat.

A very original cushion

With just a small detail you will achieve a new air in your home. Place an original cushion and you will see the result.

Pictures with butterflies

A painting in the living room? Better choose to make compositions with frames of different sizes and that follow the same theme: family photos, animals, sports ...

Tear lamps

The classic is trend. Recover old objects, such as these tear lamps.

Rustic Wooden Bench

Convert uneven pieces, such as a jug, a basket or an old tureen, into makeshift vases. They are very decorative and personalize any space.

Antique Dresser Mirror

Recover those objects that belonged to your ancestors. Dressing mirrors, tear lamps, copper pieces, wicker baskets ... are again a trend!

Flowered cushion

Color your home. Use brightly colored cushions or natural motifs; You will get a natural and pleasant environment.

Round silver mirror

Recover flavored objects: a mirror, a candle holder, a silver photo frame ... and make with them a beautiful composition on a console or sideboard.

Advice from Reyes Pérez, director of styling of

Mix pieces of different dishes; They will give a very personal touch to any table.
Decorate with fiber baskets; They will put the natural note and help you store.
Group candles of different sizes and place them on a tray. Pure magic.
In decoration, bet on the number three. Make triplets of objects and they will work for sure.
Choose different models of chairs around the dining room table. You will see how original!

Flowers in the bathroom

Place plants in the bathroom; decorate, purify the air
and refresh the environment.

Small and transparent vases

Instead of placing a large bouquet in the center of the dining room table, choose several small and transparent vases and deposit a single flower in each of them. Why do species choose? In winter, opt for carnations or daffodils and in summer, for more wild ones, such as lilies or poppies