A colorful and bright urban chalet

A colorful and bright urban chalet

This terraced house located in a neighborhood in northern Madrid It was a love at first sight for its current owners. Luminous and with an appropriate distribution for them, with their new decoration they have managed to update it and turn it into a house of impeccable aesthetics. The funny thing is that being 100% urban, its interiors convey the pleasant feeling of living outside the city.

Divided into three floors, in the lower one there are common areas, which connect to the garden with a swimming pool; in the middle, the two children's bedrooms are located; and in the superior, the principal; all three with dressing rooms and bathrooms en suite. Along with this distribution, it is worth noting the right decision of give more prominence to the walls of the house. For the dining room, on two levels and with light marble floor, opted for an elegant duet of bluish gray and white, with which the environments gain visual interest, while qualifying the extraordinary natural luminosity.

In the bedrooms, with oak flooring, children were allowed to choose the color of their walls. In one of them, they opted for a deep blue and enveloping. In the other, for a bubble gum pink, that wastes joy and vitality. For the master bedroom, white triumphs, a color that enhances the clarity of this attic space and that highlights the presence of a porthole window, with turquoise profiles and shutters. Due to its originality, this was the starting point to decorate the room. With good judgment, the bed was placed under it, so that it was also a focus of attention. Next to this rest area, in front of several windows, a second environment was created, with a desk and a sofa, perfect to provide the bedroom with an office, and a comfortable living room, without having to go down to the common areas. Also from the bed you can access, through a large opening, that reaches the ceiling, a dressing room in L that gives way, through a sliding door, to the bathroom, covered in an elegant beige tone, very natural and bright , which harmonizes with the wood of the washbasin cabinet.

Finally, it should be noted how the numerous details reflect the care put into the decoration. For example, the crown with natural ivy gives the dining room a fresh air and evokes the nearby garden, while the maxi lantern collection, shows its shapes from anywhere in the room, and integrates the wall on which it rests with total naturalness.


The colored walls add style. In the dining room, the bluish gray and white binomial creates a subtle contrast, which gives depth to the environments and gives them a stately elegance.

In the children's bedrooms, the color becomes more vibrant to create cheerful and vital backgrounds. The carpentry plays an important role in the project, due to its design and dimensions.

In the classroom, It shows white and majestic in a enclosure with glazed doors with frames. In the dressing rooms, it gains visual interest with fine horizontal grooves and a turquoise lacquered.

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In the living room, the room shares space with the dining room, although each room is well defined by a wall with a pillar and a step. To emphasize, how the walls in a bluish gray tone contrast with the unclear clarity of the marble floor, the ceiling and the carpentry. Sofa cushions, copper tables and white pouf English Six, from El Corte Inglés.

Copper side tables

The side tables, due to its drum and timbale shape, and its copper finish, are a focal point in the living area, where the sofas and walls create a striking play of chiaroscuro, which is accentuated with a dyed fiber carpet. The plus of style: maxi lanterns and decorative details on the console.
Model Tables Tangier and Fez and cushions, from El Corte Inglés.

Cushions with rustic and ethnic designs

Easy trick. In one of the sofas cushions are combined in toasts and cauldrons, with rustic and ethnic designs, in harmony with the table Fez, from El Corte Inglés. From there are also the cushions Emi and English Caby, among others.

A lounge with a fireplace

The fireplace is integrated into the living room with a custom made front, which includes the smooth mouth, flanked by two niches to store the firewood. his look Contemporary is achieved with the blue-white color scheme, identical to the rest of the space. In front of the fireplace, a warm seating area was created with two armchairs and a mottled wool rug. In the foreground, blanket Cassino and pouf English Six. By the fireplace, Manila English armchairs and carpet Nirvana. On the shelf, glass vases and wooden candlesticks. Everything from El Corte Inglés.

Braided fiber armchair

Household chic. A white showcase exhibits with style the shapes and colors of the collection of teapots and utensils of the owner of the house. In the foreground, braided fiber armchair English Manila and embroidered cushion Isabel, from El Corte Inglés

Wall of work with pillar

Integrate the pillar and do it well. It was successful when projecting at its base a work wall that, next to the slope, delimits the space for the living area and the dining room. Painted in bluish gray, cover the sofa with chaise longue, and power, by contrast, the clear corduroy upholstery.

Current rustic dining room with white bookcases

Two white bookstores cover the dining room, decorated in a rustic style, where an imposing pickled wooden table stands out. Above it, a crown with natural ivy adds a note of freshness and color.Table, chairs Casual and bookstore and kitchenware, from El Corte Inglés.

White marble flooring

Maximum clarity But without dazzling! The white marble of the pavement was more than enough to propagate natural light. That is why the contrast with the bluish gray is so correct: it clarifies the luminosity and at the same time enhances the silhouettes of the furniture

Glazed doors

The wall that separates the dining room from the hall and the door that leads to the living room are glazed so that the entrance is filled with natural light. An elegant design that brings uniqueness and sophistication to the interiors. Carpets with geometric pattern: model Cella and with stripes, Allerta. Both, acquired in El Corte Inglés.

Furniture without door with shelves

In this kitchen, which contrasts the white with a vibrant blue, the cooking front was projected in chamfer at one end of the cabinets, to get more out of that corner. With practicality, a furniture without door, with shelves, was designed for its side. The right solution for the top: several custom cabinets, which save the corner and integrate the extractor hood. Collection tableware Mini Home, from El Corte Inglés. Balay's oven.

Sink with a piece of furniture that also forms chamfer

On the opposite side of the ceramic hob, the sink was installed in a piece of furniture that also forms a chamfer, so that ample space for the two buckets is gained. The detail deco-chic, a striped carpet in various colors, which tones with walls and floor.Wirlpool dishwasher. Plastic carpet, from El Corte Inglés.

Bubble gum children's bedroom

The textiles, the chandelier and the studded table find in the bubblegum pink of the walls a very lively background with which to compose a personal atmosphere, that fuses disparate pieces and that has its surprise element hanging from the wall: a table of surf? Yes, it's a trend! Nest bed, sheets Farfalle, mat Adventure Dream with vichy frames and cushion Cuore matching, cushions with tassels and carpet; everything from El Corte Inglés

Pink Dressing Room

Intense colors are protagonists in the dressing room and children's bathroom. From pink it goes to turquoise in the built-in and lacquered wardrobes of the dressing room.


Bathroom with utensils to store the toothbrush and shampoo for hands in elegant golden tones.

Handwoven wool rug

Its breadth allowed to create next to the rest area, another living room, with a desk and two-seater sofa. Your decorative bet: enhance the bed with bursts of color to form a spectacular tandem with the porthole window, with turquoise profiles and shutters. Floral Duvet Cover Ladyturquoise bedspread Cobble and carpet Nunuvut, of hand-woven wool, from El Corte Inglés.

Dark Turquoise Dressing Room

The bedroom communicates, through a large vain, with a dark turquoise dressing room which, in turn, gives way to the bathroom.

Glazed bathroom door

Turquoise carpentry. It is a key element in housing, because it gives visual continuity to the environments. Here, the glazed door of the main bathroom, which provides light to the dressing room,
It is sliding so as not to reduce useful surface.

Tiled bathroom

A tone that repeats in the bathroom with a
extra dose of shine. In this, the colorful tile floor extends into the skirt of the bathtub, masonry furniture and walls.

Children's bedroom in blue

An intense blue color has a wraparound effect in this children's bedroom. It also makes it more lively, while highlighting the colorful cocktail, provided by the bedding and the carpet. Bed sheets Bright and Farfalle from the collection Mini Home, from
The English Court. From there also come the green cushions. The cloth store is from Imaginarium.

Oriental cupboard with cystalin vases

On an oriental closet, several crystal vases grab attention with their sparkles. The keys to this elegant and fresh composition: the play of volumes and heights.

Plan and ideas of the reform

- Colored walls add style. In the dining room, the bluish gray and white binomial creates a subtle contrast, which gives depth to the environments and gives them a stately elegance. In children's bedrooms, the color becomes more vibrant to create joyful and vital backgrounds.
- Carpentry plays an important role in the project, due to its design and dimensions. In the living room, it shows white and majestic in a enclosure with glazed doors with quarters. In the dressing rooms, it gains visual interest with fine horizontal grooves and a turquoise lacquered.