10 houses to spend the holidays which movie star

10 houses to spend the holidays which movie star

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As dreaming is free, we have thought… Why not? We are going to make a theme that makes us forget the fact that spring seems to have fallen asleep more than Scott Fitzgerald with 5 gins on top. And for that, what better than to enjoy some mansions where the sun is eternal and the water in the pools seems as crystal clear as the Maldivian sea?

Advertising - Keep reading below How Renata Klein in Big Little Lies

How to forget about the luxurious mansions of Malibu where the protagonists of Big little lies?

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Like Gianni Versace in Miami Beach

If you haven't seen the mini series yet American Crime Story: Versace, about the murder of Gianni Versace, you're already taking it! Because in addition to knowing the history, you can be charmed with a decoration worthy of the Baroque more chic.

If you want an advance, enter here!

As Cary Grant in Santa Monica

With a glass of champagne on the sunbed by the pool. Sounds good, huh?

If you want to see more photos of the house of the famous actor, here you have them!

Like Harry Potter in Edinburgh

Believe it or not, this photo belongs to an apartment inspired by the most famous wizard of recent times, and can be rented!

The decoration has no loss ...

Like Jane Fonda in Beverly Hills

Making some long in the pool under the Californian sun! Although the interior of the mansion is as impressive as the exterior ...

Like Judy Garland in Malibu

The protagonist of the iconic film of The Wizard of Oz He enjoyed this mansion in front of the Malibu sea for a long time.

And the rest of the house is as pretty as it seems!

Like Gatsby on Long Island

Yes, this is the famous house that inspired the novel by Scott Fitzgerald, and it does not surprise us ... Because when you see the rest of the photos, you can not help thinking about Gatsby wandering the halls.

Like Mel Gibson in Costa Rica

Can you imagine what it would be like to stay in this wonder with access to a private beach? Well basically, paradise!

Do not miss the rest of the house here!

Like Tom Hank on Long Island

If the property sounds to you it is because it is the same one that was used to roll This house is a ruin, although seen as seen, now it looks more like a palace!

Here we leave you more photos, so you can confirm it!

How to Sting in New York

If you are a fan of The Police, you will also be from the Sting penthouse in front of Central Park, right?

Check out the interior decoration, you will love it!