A feminine and romantic apartment

A feminine and romantic apartment

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- It is inspired… In French-style pieces, Gustavian pickling furniture and rustic urban and elegant version.
- Fetish pieces. Canopy beds, antique wrought iron furniture, natural finishes or slightly aged.
- Basic colors. Raw, pastel or faded tones, and white painted wood. Chromatic harmony to print calm and serenity.
- Your leitmotiv. Update past designs. Recover pieces with a special charm to achieve an evocative environment.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room

The sofa, the armchairs and the chairs in sand tone, the dining table and the TV cabinet are from Homes in Heaven. Cuadros, by Javier Martínez. In Velux windows, Japanese panels.

Reading corner

Homes and Heaven's classic wardrobe and armchairs create an attractive contrast with the rusty iron nightstand by Isabel Madinabeitia and the Tolomeo floor lamp by Artemide.

Open kitchen

A breakfast bar delimits its space and separates this area from the dining room, where the table, with a structure of painted wood and glass, brings lightness to the room.

Terrace with pool

Teak flooring brings warmth to this environment. A living area decorated with furniture from Taller de las Indias was created next to the pool. In the foreground, lanterns, from the Dcero studio.


The canopy bed, from Homes in Heaven, in painted wood, is the focal point of this environment. The wrought iron armchair, by Isabel Madinabeitia, gives the counterpoint to the wood.


Coated with cream marble, the interior designers opted for a more modern material for the countertop of the washbasin front; a blue Silestone. Toilet Lady, Roca. Towels, from Lexington.