A flat with a warm and natural environment

A flat with a warm and natural environment

When this cozy apartment was just a project under construction, its owner already dreamed of a cozy and bright home. He decided to buy it by examining the plans - his 65 m² were enough for her - and to know that the house would be oriented towards the South, since it would enjoy abundant natural light.

The first thing he did was study the color palette he would dominate at home: warm tones subtly combined with cold brushstrokes. He wanted colors that would give him good feelings, that would help him feel at ease. But also, he took into account the effect that natural light would cause on them. Therefore, the walls of the whole house were painted in a pale cream; a tone that reflects light, visually expands space, combines with all kinds of decorative styles and highlights the wooden floors.

The choice of fabrics was another key that contributed to defining the style of each of the environments. The best samples are undoubtedly the living room and the master bedroom. In the first, where the owner wanted to create a natural and cheerful atmosphere, the neutral background was combined with smooth and striped upholsteries in more intense warm palettes, such as reds and yellows, and cold brushstrokes in different green tones.

On the other hand, for the master bedroom colors were sought that transmitted serenity and calm; It was achieved with an elegant set of raw, roasted and blue in the bedding and curtains. The next step was to choose the furniture, a decision that the owner of the house also had very clear. Most of the pieces are colonial-style designs made of dark wood, which were lightened with decorative details of glass and wrought iron.

This harmony of colors, materials and finishes that mark the decoration of the whole house It only changed in the kitchen and in the bathroom. In both cases, a modern and modern style was chosen: simple gray-laminated cabinets and stainless steel appliances in the first case, and light wood, glass and simple line designs, in the second.

Advertising - Read on below The living room was decorated in warm and cold colors

Reds and yellows combined with green and stone tones to create a balanced and harmonious environment. Two-seater sofa and chaise-longue, by Maison Decor. Fabrics, from KA International.

View of the dining room from the living area

It was decorated with a wooden table and four chairs in the same finish, which were upholstered to match the rest of the fabrics in the living room. The table and chairs, from Thai Natura, were purchased in Interiors. Upholstery, from KA International. Complements, by Pier Import and Sandra Marques.

Down the hall

a wooden chifonier was placed, whose depth does not hinder the passage to the rest of the rooms.

In the kitchen

with an elongated floor, a practical breakfast bar was installed on the furniture-free wall. In the space that remains on the countertop some shelves were placed in the same material and finish, which allow to have the ingredients at hand. Countertop and shelf by Ikea. Accessories, from House.

Furniture and appliances

They were placed aligned on a single front of the kitchen. Laminated gray cabinets and a matching countertop were chosen. Furniture, from Forlady. Stainless steel appliances, from Teka.

One of the rooms was destined to work area

The desk, a model of easels with a glass envelope, stood next to the entrance of natural light. Table, of Trades of Yesterday. Chair, by Bo Concept. Curtains, from Ikea. Blinds, by Leroy Merlin. Complementos, by Salvador Bachiller and Pier Import.

In the master bedroom, decorated in beige and blue tones, a serene and relaxing atmosphere was achieved

Head of Trades Yesterday. Matching quilt and cushions, from Zara Home. Quadrants in white and blue, Texture. Galán by night and blanket, by Sandra Marques.

The closet doors

lacquered in white, they are decorated with subtle horizontal grooves.


It has a steel cabinet with a glass countertop, in which the sink was embedded. To gain storage areas, a wooden chest was placed. Roca washbasin cabinet. Arcón, by Pier Import. Towels, Zara Home and Texture.


Floor plan of 65 m², which has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Highlights the living room with dining room, facing south and with large windows. The elongated kitchen is located next to the living area. In the hall, a door makes the bedrooms independent, one of them with its own bathroom.