Tips and ideas to avoid childhood accidents

Tips and ideas to avoid childhood accidents

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We may not be aware of it, but since a child is born, the risks of having an accident at home They multiply. In the cradle, when you start to crawl or when you play with your siblings, coscorrones, cardinals and scratches are inevitable because you don't know what the danger is. The problem comes when those habitual accidents involve serious consequences. Above all, because most could be avoided. Did you know that 30% of unintentional injuries in children up to 16 years old occur inside the home? It is one of the interesting conclusions of the research study conducted by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Emergencies.

The falls, protagonists

We have asked Dr. Reyes Novoa, a member of the Health Promotion Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEPED), which is the accident that most frequently occurs at home. Falls are the most frequent accidents at home , according to the study of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Emergencies. "Depending on the age of the child - Dr. Novoa explains - they can be from the changing table, the high chair, the bunk beds, the stairs, the windows…. These lesions are followed by other no less important: burns, electrical accidents, drowning, poisoning caused by cleaning products or medications, and strangulation with blinds. In the United States, for example, one child dies a month between 10 months and 7 years for this last reason. "


Can we prevent these situations from occurring? "Of course they are avoidable," says Dr. Reyes Novoa. "Prevention is the most important measure for not having these types of accidents." From not moving away when they are in the changing table or using protective barriers on the bed so that they do not fall, until they do not put furniture near the window that allows the child to climb, or place high railings on terraces and meshes between the bars that prevent the child sneaks ... The actions are endless. "For example, when choosing the crib, check that it complies with European regulations, with safety bars and barriers of two heights, such as the model Gonatt, from Ikea. And cushion it with bumps. Ikea has the protector Himmelsk. But If a domestic accident occurs, it is very important to know how to react. "It is best to have a first-aid kit at home - Dr. Novoa recommends - with antiseptics (iodine), physiological serum, strips, gauze, tape and pain relievers. In the case of blows, apply ice wrapped in a cloth on the skin. They produce minor burns, cool the area with fresh water and apply moisturizer, but if they are serious, cover with gauze and go to the pediatrician.In electrical accidents, disconnect the current, remove the child using an object of wood, plastic or rubber - never metallic - that it is dry and warns Emergencies. "

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If it is small, when you are not in the same room, a surveillance camera will be your eyes.

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Non-slip base IKEA

Put specific surfaces to avoid slipping in and out of the bathtub.

Place a non-slip base under the carpet; this is the model Stopp, from Ikea.

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Reduce risks at mealtime

At lunchtime, there should always be an adult pending during the entire chewing process so that it is not attractive. If you are a baby and eat in the high chair, choose an EU-approved model, use the restraint mechanism and never leave it alone in it. When you start crawling, avoid placing toys or objects that get your attention in high places, to avoid trying to reach them and climb up to them.

Fixed shelves IKEA

Fix shelves or commodes to the wall so that they do not fall on top and close the drawers with a key. Finish the edges of tables and bookcases with protectors so that it does not hit the corners.

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Is your kitchen safe?

Children must understand that it is not the best space for them to play because it is full of dangers! What precautionary measures can you take in it? Choose rounded edge countertops and drawers with anti-roll systems so that they do not fall on the little pieces when you open them. Those of the kitchen furniture firm Schmidt, incorporate them. It uses magnetic keys to close the cabinets, integrates the plugs in the countertop and uses stops in furniture and refrigerator to prevent its opening.

Drawers and doors IKEA

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To avoid electrical accidents, do not handle appliances in front of children. Unplug them if you don't use them and warn them not to touch them. Even so, for greater security, use devices in the plugs that make it impossible to insert the fingers inside.

Be careful with the plugs IKEA

Plug protector Patrull, from Ikea.

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Learning activities VTech

At the time of cleaning, make sure the water temperature is correct before putting it in it. Insert your wrist or elbow to make sure it doesn't burn. To avoid draining and hitting the head, use a bath chair. Aquasilla, from VTech, includes a panel with learning activities.

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Watch out for the temperature IKEA

Inside the bathroom, choose burnished faucets, such as the thermostat mixer Voxnan, from Ikea.

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Attention to all your toys

Check that they have large pieces, impossible to swallow even if they are brought to your mouth. They must also bear the CE mark - European Compliance -, which guarantees that they comply with the safety standards required by the European Union.

Custom urinal

Have you stopped using the diaper and already going to the bathroom alone? Accompany him.

Place a custom urinal or a reducer in the cup to make you feel more secure. Keep the toilet lid down and place bumpers on it to prevent it from falling and catching your fingers.

Medications out of reach of children

Store cosmetics and medications out of the reach of children.

Use containers with safety covers and store them in tall cabinets that they cannot access. If they are low, the use of magnetic keys will be very helpful.


Riding a bicycle or scooter and sliding with skates are not activities to do at home. The presence of furniture, toys on the floor and carpets are dangerous obstacles that can cause them to fall easily.

Extending precautions

The kitchen has become a family gathering place. Extreme precautions should be taken to avoid burns. When preparing your dishes, use the internal fires and prevent the handles of pans and pans from being left out. If you turn on the oven, be careful not to approach it or choose one with a cold door, such as those of the Schmidt firm.

Attention to cleaning!

There are many products that, due to their shape and color, are attractive to children. Keep them out of reach. And never change the original container for another; in case of intake, you must indicate Emergency telephone number 112 His composition.

Children's fence

From the moment you crawl and, especially, when you start walking, your mobility can take you to stairs or complicated rooms. Like the kitchen or a living room with a fireplace. There are devices that prevent you from leaving. This children's fence for stairs and doors is extendable from 64.5 to 102 cm. From Leroy Merlin.

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The falls, protagonists

We have asked Dr. Reyes Novoa, a member of the Health Promotion Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEPED), what is the accident that most frequently occurs at home.