Retro-inspired Mouille lamps

Retro-inspired Mouille lamps

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This selection is perfect to put a light industrial air, very chic.

We are inspired by the wall sconce that we have seen in this beautiful renovated apartment, in Barcelona.

Suspended lamp

In the bedroom, it is increasingly common to install suspended lamps on the bedside table. In that case, it is important to regulate the height well so that you can read in bed without forcing the view, but not dazzle when lying.

Apply Lyra, in (593 €).

Adjustable arms

In golden finishes. Roof model Barea AMPM for the Redoute Interieurs (€ 219)

Black Finish

To give character to a room decorated in raw tones, nothing better than a ceiling lamp finished in black. This is the model Dione, from Kave Home. It has measures of 80 x 58 x 80 cm (€ 160).

Floor lamp

Ideal to place next to the sofa, the floor lamp Nyx, of Habitat, has three adjustable spotlights, each with its interrutor, to control the intensity of the light depending on the moment. It measures 1.70 m high (€ 169).

Minimalist design

With a minimalist design and made with industrial materials, steel and copper, this wall lamp is perfect for modern and sophisticated environments. The long arm measures 182 cm and the short one, 113 cm. It has two switches, one for each bulb. In SuperStudio (€ 271).