10 tropical salons at the rhythm of the Caribbean

10 tropical salons at the rhythm of the Caribbean

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Vivid colors, plants, pineapples, flamingos ... Everything goes when it comes to creating a room as cheerful as it is fun, because that's the tropical style!

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Choose what you choose, let it be in vitamin colors! Don't you get full of energy just by looking at the picture?

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In the jungle

The fastest way to get a homemade jungle is with a wallpaper of botanical motifs. And don't forget a pink dusty sofa to give it the touch chic!

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The beach at home

Between the bamboo lamp, the toucans and the plants, you just need to wear the Hawaiian pareo!

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Mix of prints

Another way to fill a tropical living room with life is to combine different patterns. Look how cool it is!

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If you prefer a natural jungle, you just have to fill the plant room!

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Chic jungle

In pink and green tones, a tropical style lounge only suitable for daring! And it is that wallpaper is simply a work of art.

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A touch of color here and there, floral prints and some seedling. Subtle and sophisticated!

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Blue, white, pink ... Do not cut yourself with the color and enjoy the result!

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Earthy tones intermingle with the gold of vases and materials such as wicker, creating a fresh and exotic room. Although the tree inside the house is a hoot ... or not?

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Rose, gold, and plant motifs. The ideal combination to get an exotic and feminine lounge!

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