A gerbil at home

A gerbil at home

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Deciding to have a gerbil as a pet is something that, as with all animals, must be assessed previously. They are gregarious animals that need to be in community and their exotic condition requires special needs.

Do not confuse them with the classic hamsters. Although they have many similarities, the characteristic that differentiates them is that they also have a certain relationship with squirrels.

Gerbils are called "desert rats" and are native to the deserts of northern China and Mongolia.

Within the species, there are different varieties but all gerbils are characterized by having a long and hairy tail and hind legs longer than the front ones (which allows them to jump, something to take into account when choosing the best terrarium for them).

By general general, They are sociable and friendly animals. They do not usually bite unless they are stressed and threatened, they are diurnal and very active and fun. With patience and dedication they can learn fun tricks, turning them into perfectly docile animals. Although we must also bear in mind that because of their condition, they are restless animals and may react unexpectedly when trying to catch them.

Gerbil feeding It is based on a diet rich in seeds, vegetables and fruit and needs a large enough space to meet your activity and movement needs, with toys such as a rodent wheel, substrate and tunnels so they can dig investigate and dig.

What cage does your gerbil need?

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Gerbils have a longevity of between 3 and 5 years and if hygiene is kept at bay, they barely give off smell. In short, a nice pet that will conquer you.

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