A floor of 105 m² in natural tones

A floor of 105 m² in natural tones

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When the tenants of this apartment - a Brazilian marriage - decided to establish their residence in Madrid they did not want to get rid of their most loved furniture and objects and chose to bring them to them. They were clear that they would occupy a prominent place in the decoration of their new home, but first they had to find it. Fortunately, as soon as they visited this house, of 105 m2They knew they had hit the mark.

The high ceilings and the large windows of the living room, almost from ceiling to floor, did not doubt them for a moment. There was only one problem: the house needed a good face wash and, being rented, it was not possible to do great works; But that was not an impediment. They decided to slash the parquet, to hide its imperfections and scratches, and return its beauty and warmth to the wood. Further, the walls were painted in neutral colors, playing with different shades according to the brightness of each room. For the living room, which enjoys abundant natural light, a cream was chosen, which creates an attractive contrast with the white of ceilings and carpentry. However, the less bright master bedroom was painted in a pale tone. In any case, they are warm and serene tones that extend the space and create natural atmospheres. Another improvement that was carried out was the installation of new points of light, for which it was necessary to lower the ceilings.

Once these small changes are finished, the tenants, with the help of the Brazilian architect and interior designer Mara Chap Chap, began to consider the decoration of his house. They were looking for create contemporary environments, that transmitted a sensation of heat just after crossing the threshold of the door. They did it with furniture of simple lines, in different materials - wood, vegetable fiber, metal and glass -, combined with smooth upholstery that alternate neutral tones with black, brown and red brushstrokes. The marriage, as it was proposed from the beginning, wanted to put the personal and unique touch in the decoration with complements of silver, ceramics and textiles from Brazil, and others that they acquired in trips to Asian countries. By last, abstract and contemporary prints and paintings they mark, in many cases, the personality of the environments. Thus, in the hall two large-format works preside over one of the two living areas of the hall.

Advertising - Keep reading below The living room was painted in a soft and bright beige tone

which contrasts with the white of ceilings and carpentry. In its decoration, current line furniture was combined in different materials, with pieces and accessories that traveled with the tenants from Brazil; like leather poufs or cushions. Sofa, from La Continental. Coffee table, by Becara. Carpet by Gancedo. The paintings are by Fabia Delgado, the little one and Cristina Sampere, the big one.

The elongated floor of the room

allowed to locate two living areas. In front of one of these environments, a glass console and a large mirror were placed, which visually expands the space. Console, by Javier Muñoz. Mirror, from La Continental. Chests, of House & Garden.

View of one of the living areas of the lounge.

In this environment, to break the balance of neutral tones and create an attractive contrast, a pair of red armchairs and a dark wooden coffee table were added. Sofa, by Becara. Coffee table, from Molteni. Armchair, by Javier Muñoz. The complements are from LaDecó and Las Aguirre.

Between the living room and the dining room

a two-leaf sliding door was installed that allows the two environments to be independent or communicated as necessary.

The bedroom

It was decorated in natural tones to achieve a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The headboard and the table are from Becara. Curtains, from the KAInternational firm. Lamp, by La Decó. Blue silk quilt, by Habitat.

In the bedroom,

the built-in closets occupy an entire front. Its doors combine white lacquered wood moldings, like the rest of the carpentry, with mirror frames, which visually lighten the space.

Under the console

-a light design of refined lines- two trunks were placed that allow for more storage areas and keeping magazines and books in order.

In the bathroom,

the sinks are embedded in a white marbled countertop. The space that remains free underneath was used with a pair of cupboards with wheels to store towels and other toiletries. Furniture, from Ikea. Towels, by Sandra Marques.


... the house needed a good face wash and, being rented, it was not possible to do great works; But that was not an impediment. They decided to slash the parquet, to hide its imperfections and scratches, and return its beauty and warmth to the wood.