20 decoration ideas for mini houses

20 decoration ideas for mini houses


In a small space, there is always a solution ingenious so that the feeling of spaciousness be greater. It is about strengthening the strengths of an environment, such as the brightness or the layout of the plant, including the coverings. Get the furniture turn out light, that the colors illuminate the room and let the steps and circulation areas look cleared, without unnecessary compartmentalization, ensures success.

In a mini house, the lounge is also a studio and a office; the bathroom is a laundry room, including an iron; the kitchen is a dining room and the bedroom sometimes happens behind the sofa in the living room. Sharing without losing independence is the key. We get it with multifunctional parts, sliding panels, customized solutions, lots of imagination and dose of originality to distribute the space. Plan your home from the beginning so that everything fits together like pieces of a gear and your apartment will multiply its meters.

Advertising - Keep reading under Two seater sofa

In any living area a sofa is essential. Reserve the widest wall to support it or use it as an environment delimiter element. Without space? Choose a two-seater model and incorporate extra seats: benches, poufs, chairs or floor cushions. In the image, everything from Rice.

Table for living room and dining room

In both large and smaller houses, the living room and dining room usually share a room. But there are solutions that clear the space: a folding console that can be used as a table or a center design convertible into a dining room model. Table, family inheritance, and metal chairs, acquired in an antique shop.

Custom sofa with double use

Do you live in a studio? It is possible that the sofa becomes a bed for sleeping. Another option is to project a workbench as a sofa with a mat on top. With a depth of 90 cm and at least 1.90 m long, you will have an extra bed. Cushions, by Lu Ink and Filocolore. Clock, from India & Pacific. Lamps, for sale in Tierra Extraña.

Two in one bookcase

Tailored, adapted to space and needs. In this way a versatile and decorative piece has been incorporated into the living room. It is a bookcase that extends one of its shelves as a table to serve as a desk. It is designed by the decorator Pili Molina and made by Carpintería Miranda. Coffee tables and carpet, for sale in Ikea.
Armchair, reupholstered by La Albaida.

Now I feel, now I sleep

Sofa bed Clazy, in La Oca (from € 1,365). It measures 2 x 1.10 x 0.77 m and is transformed into a bed of 1.34 x 2 m.

Multifunctional furniture

Perfect for mini spaces since with a single piece several needs are solved. Ikea side table with lamp and magazine rack (€ 69).

Retro fridge

XXS version design. A single door refrigerator, which will be the center of attention. Retro line, red and 135 liters, from Smeg (€ 1,089).

Waitress Cart

A versatile auxiliary piece: from the kitchen to the living room or dining room. Barcelona It exhibits a current design in wood and includes two removable trays. For sale in La Oca (€ 399)

Full kitchen in a small space

The U-shaped distributions in a kitchen make the space profitable, since three fronts of furniture are created. Keep in mind that you need at least 1 m of space between opposite fronts to move comfortably. Also so that the doors of the modules and the oven or the dishwasher open comfortably. Play with the measurements
of furniture and creates dynamic compositions. In 40 cm deep you can organize a pantry, utensils and even a broom. Did you know that there are special removable modules that simulate the front of a drawer and hide a table or an ironing board? This composition is from Ikea.

Cleared kitchen

The other option for the kitchen to be spacious is to organize the work area in a single front of low modules. The absence of the high gives lightness to the composition. Solve the warehouse needs with bars where you have on hand popsicles, spices or the roll of kitchen paper. Look at this solution, an access door has been dispensed with and the partition wall has been reduced to a half-height wall, which extends the kitchen and allows light to circulate.

Kitchen open to the dining room

Without vertical walls that limit it. The wooden table is the transition element between the work area and the adjoining environment.
A practical solution (it is close to the food preparation area) and decorative. Table and chairs, by Maisons du Monde.

Mini toilets

Simple lines, and accessories that decorate and organize. Washbasin, by Jacob Delafon, in 49 x 28 cm (from € 304).

Storage basket

Two-color basket, from H&M Home (€ 19.99).

Bathroom designed to the millimeter

When redistributing a bathroom, keep in mind that it is preferable that the toilet be placed in a discreet place, never in the foreground. For the dimensions, the showers and bathtubs, better at the bottom of the floor. In this example, the washbasin cabinet is located next to the entrance, with the corner angled so as not to obstruct the passage. Whenever possible, try to receive natural light, even through a glazed bay through which clarity sneaks.

Washbasin front

After a reform, carried out by Sinergia Soluciones Constructivas, this Barcelona apartment opened a very studied organization, to make its few meters profitable. In the bathroom, the sink front was solved flirtatiously between the wall and a closet. It is important to have space to store boats, accessories and towels. For this reason, a column-type closet was designed, from floor to ceiling, from the same bottom as the sink counter. The front is completed with an additional shelf and a mirror. Sliding doors are perfect for small rooms; integrated into the partition or views, clear access and grant meters.

Neutral and soft tones for the bathroom

It is a good solution to gain breadth. The walls, the clearer, the better. Have you considered dispensing with tiles? Replace them with microcement or coated, moisture resistant coatings, like this one, from Weber, applied by Porfit Constructions.

TV cabinet

The designs that separate environments are exposed 360º. Above: Hazel TV cabinet, in La Oca (€ 699).

Turquoise blue vintage bookcase

Shelving made of iron and wood, from the store. Your price: € 399.

Mobile or sliding panels

These are maxi-sized doors that communicate or make environments independent, according to the needs or the time of day. Given its dimensions, the weight is high, so it is essential that the anchors and bearings are of quality. They usually slide along guides, installed on the floor or ceiling. Mobile panels are also called those partitions that rotate and orient, for example, an audiovisual equipment towards a room or another by rotating 360º on themselves. Others discover a study area installed in the hidden face
of the partition or even a closet.

Glass walls

They are but practically do not see each other. The glass partition walls let the light through and offer visual continuity between the environments, while delimiting. It is a way to distribute the space without compartmentalizing. It is important that the glass is tempered or safety (in case of a blow it is broken into small pieces instead of jagged fragments) and that it is well anchored to the ceiling, the floor and the wall. Solutions of this type made with pavements or glass blocks offer more privacy - through them the vision is not clear - but they subtract more space due to their thickness.