Goodbye bathtub, hello shower! A bathroom renovated with color

Goodbye bathtub, hello shower! A bathroom renovated with color

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The Bathroom is one of the spaces of the house that are most renovated. That is why - and if you are just in that situation, looking for ideas to reform yours - we have asked an expert on the subject what are the main aspects to consider and the keys to succeed when undertaking a work.

Indeed, the interior designer Rocío Esquilas is the architect of the reform of this bathroom, where the touches of color are absolute protagonists. The first thing that changed was the distribution. It was a bathroom with a bathtub, shared. This element was no longer necessary and was replaced by a shower tray. Originally, the toilet area and the bathroom area were completely separated by wall and door, and now, to gain the light that enters through the windows, it has been replaced by a half-height wall. A large mirror amplifies this illuminating effect.

As to the materials, the original marble was replaced by other lighter and cleaner materials, forming a black and white checkerboard on the floor and beige tiles on the wall. The spectacular touch is provided by a fantastic wallpaper with striking flower motifs that make this guest bathroom a unique stay.

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