Why are you going to want the new compact Amazon device

Why are you going to want the new compact Amazon device


Since Amazon He set out to make our lives easier with Alexa We are always attentive to all the news you get. To be able to consult any doubt just by asking out loud, it is certainly a breakthrough and a help that comes great. For example, imagine that you feel like listening to a song and your hands are busy. You just have to ask for it.

In tune with this and, in order to adapt to each and every time more and more people, they have taken out their new device. Its about Echo Show 5, a new version of the previous model with a small main difference: it is a more compact design, so you can take it wherever you want with more comfort.

TO BUY Amazon Echo Show 5 (€ 89.99) Amazon

From Amazon they realized that one of the biggest successes of their device was their ability to show things, and they have focused on this for their improvements. We put you in a situation, can you imagine asking for a recipe, for example, and showing it automatically on your screen? Granted.

Another of the great successes is its size, it is a perfect device to place on the bedside table and enjoy its new functions from there. It has a new panel for the Digital Home that offers more control on smart devices, it can be individually or in groups. The lights, the videos of your smart camera, thermostats, access the devices you have used recently and control smart devices in a group.

Another novelty that we loved is its role as bidirectional conversation, What does this mean? That if you say "Alexa, answer the front door", when the doorbell rings or when the camera detects movement, you can see and talk to who is at the front door.

The Echo Show 5 It will be available in anthracite and light gray for only € 89.99. You will have the option of acquiring a additional support which will allow you to tilt the device to adjust the viewing and camera angles for only € 19.99.

TO BUY Amazon Echo Show 5 (€ 19.99) Amazon

What are you waiting for to take the next step in your home?

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