A modern 53 m² loft

A modern 53 m² loft

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The owner of this 53 m2 loft He is a young single man who, between work and his hobbies, is barely at home. In his search for an apartment, he was clear that it would be a diaphanous and functional space, modern, comfortable and bright. Therefore, this loft was just what I needed: living room with integrated kitchen and access to the terrace on the ground floor, and a bedroom with bathroom, high.

The living room, with a large window that separates it from the terrace, has a diaphanous distribution.

The living area was located next to natural light and the kitchen in the background. Both are separated by a breakfast bar made of concrete. It is a refined design element, which divides the space without diminishing luminosity and, in addition, fulfills several functions: dining table, breakfast bar, extra countertop and even desk. Its neutral color combines well with both the kitchen, furnished in steel and gray, and with the warmer seating area, decorated with a sofa upholstered in a dark chenille, an armchair in white leather, a Balinese table and a design rug circular.

The bedroom, which has a bathroom, was located on the top floor, which is accessed through a Light design staircase, in steel, wood and glass. Modern and with a very personal decoration, the protagonist is a large headboard that occupies the entire front and that is, in fact, a wrought iron screen that the owner acquired on a trip. Next to him, a steel bedside table and white faux fur tones with the bedding.

In the bathroom, covered in gresite, a well laid out distribution made it possible to create two independent areas: the sink next to the door and the toilet and the shower behind the translucent glass, which guarantees total privacy.

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The large windows of the terrace flood the living room with light. A circular carpet breaks the verticality of this glazed wall, while making the living area warmer. On the right, the stairs leading to the bedroom.

A very bright living room

Image of the living area from the bedroom. Sofa and cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Upholstered leather armchair (€ 790 at Gabriel's Workshop). On the coffee table, imported from Bali, conch shells and bowls, from Bazaar. Vases, by Leonardo, for sale in Balda.


The staircase has a refined design that does not recharge the space. The glass of the railing further lightens its visual weight and the wooden steps reduce coldness to the steel structure. On the ground floor, in the background, the entrance door to the loft.

Open space

A concrete bar separates the kitchen from the living room. It is a dividing element of environments that allows the entry of light; but it is also an original multifunctional furniture very useful in both spaces. Stools, from BD Editions of Design, in steel.

Dinning room

Concrete, a classic material in lofts, evokes the industrial origin of these homes; That is why it is so common in the walls, floors and ceilings of these houses. Here it is present at the breakfast bar table. Leather tray (€ 42 in The Furniture Globe). Glass decanter, Balda.

Kitchen in a front

The kitchen is equipped with stainless steel furniture. and gray laminate. It was distributed on a single front and its wall was coated with a steel plate. Fridge, from the firm Smeg. Teka's bell. Washing machine, from Indesit.

Single bedroom

In the bedroom, the design of the headboard stands out. Actually, it's a wrought iron screen, acquired by the owner on one of his trips.

In the bedroom

Quilt by Ikea. Bed linen, Usera Usera and Paniker, for sale in Balda. Bedside table in synthetic leather (€ 78.76); Lamp (€ 139.31) and vase, by Balda.

Bathroom with divisions

Various materials were combined in the bathroom: concrete on the counter top, wood treated in the sink, stoneware on the walls and translucent glass on a sliding door that gives more privacy to the toilet and shower. Towels by Descamps. Vase and boats, Balda.

Loft plan

It is a practically diaphanous space, so that, after the works, the environments take place on a floor, about 90 m² and in the form of L.