The most demanded reforms

The most demanded reforms

Consider making a reform At home you can see a headache. In addition to adjust budget to the maximum without skimping on quality, you must devote attention to other equally important factors: your real needs, the best time of the year to carry it out and to know in depth the materials offered by the market. 40% of Spaniards would make a comprehensive reform of their flat to gain storage space and improve your quality of life. It is the data provided by a study of Plan Reforma.

According to the Calculator of Reforms of this website, the ideal floor of the Spanish would have 110 m2, 3 bedrooms and between 1 and 2 bathrooms. And what would they reform first? 76% would change the bathrooms and 74% the kitchen. And already put, 57% would use to change both spaces at the same time. But back to reality, what we do the most is to remove the gotelé and paint, followed by changing the floor and replacing the doors. Whatever work you do, we suggest you always go to professionals who guarantee the total success of your reform. In addition to your tastes and needs, weigh the energy savings that, in the long run, you will appreciate. And if you are going to change appliances, remember that in 2017 the energy label will be clearer: its scale will be extended from A to G, eliminating +++ values.


Paint a flat of 90 m2 € 1,600
Remove the gotelé € 1,072
Bathtub change for shower tray € 1,740

Complete reform of a half kitchen € 12,796
Change of windows € 4,000
Change of doors € 1,736
Plumbing and heating € 5.445

Advertising - Keep reading below Brick walls and exposed beams

Keep, restore or replace? It all depends. Take advantage of exposed brick beams or walls and integrate them into the environment. Weathered flooring floors can be restored or, if you prefer, replace them with others such as hydraulic
or polished cement; so he did in this space of
30 m2 My Little Project team (€ 420 excluding furniture and materials).

Walls and partitions to separate environments

The walls and partitions are good allies of the reforms. They allow you to separate environments, create a dressing area in the bedroom or make the kitchen independent, for example. This work shelf with asymmetric recesses that allow the passage of light serves both to store books and to divide the entrance hall. This project was carried out by Arquitectos Madrid 2.0 and cost € 1,875

Glazed shower

It is the most raised reform in the bathroom. The change of the bathtub for a glazed shower allows to expand this space, gaining meters and mobility. Mitto screen-printed glass screen (€ 159) and Corfu acrylic shower tray (€ 69.95); Everything from Leroy Merlin.

Kitchen countertop

If you are going to reform the kitchen, it should be done thoroughly. It is time to change old pipes, floors, tiles, furniture ... Even appliances! All to get a more functional distribution, with more space to move, more storage solutions and more efficient devices. The complete reform of this kitchen, carried out by Acana Interiorismo, cost € 30,789.

Screens with anicorrosion systems

How many times have you complained about how little it lasts clean the bathroom screen? The accumulated lime deposits cause the glass to acquire a dull tone. If you want to show off transparency and brightness for a long time, replace your old screen with another treated glass, such as SGG Timeless, from Saint Gobain Glass, with anti-corrosion system.

Reinforced thermal glazing

It replaces the basic windows with others that include reinforced thermal glazing and aluminum carpentry with thermal or PVC bridge breakage. You will notice considerable savings on your bills. The Climalit Plus model, from Saint Gobain, with safety glass is around € 70 / unit (separate installation).

Air conditioning in the lounge

With the heat that has made this summer, surely you have considered putting air conditioning at home. Choose the most suitable device for your needs considering that for a room of 20 m2 you will need a power of 2.5 Kw. The equipment plus the installation is around € 2,000. Find out how to finance it at

Efficient appliances

Did your washer machine break? Your fridge has become small? Whatever your case, if you are going to acquire a new model, it is advisable to look for one with the best energy efficiency; They are more expensive, but they make up for the savings on the bill. In the photo: dryer TKS 890 H (€ 836) and washing machine model TKD 1480 (€ 584); both, from Teka, with automatic water, energy and detergent settings

Installation of mineral wool to insulate

In an uninsulated house, more than 50% of the energy escapes through the walls of the facade and the roof. The installation of mineral wool, together with the change of windows, is the cleanest, fastest and most economical way to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the year. Insuver, from Isover, is installed in one day, outside or inside, and its cost is around € 1,200.

Insulate house walls

Make a reform is the opportunity to insulate the walls of the house and start saving on the bill
of heating and air conditioning.