Roadmap to go on vacation

Roadmap to go on vacation

How much we like to do the bag in these dates! Perhaps because it is all an indicator that the countdown has begun. The holidays they are synonymous with rest, fun, change of air, return to the roots or discover new horizons ... What to take with us is a dilemma, especially when the “Just in case…” To help you with the task, we have selected some basic items that should not be missing from your list. And although we know that it is difficult, get used to traveling with the right thing, to catch up on readings, to forget the clock, to dedicate time to yourself, to be with your body and soul… In short, to enjoy!

Advertising - Keep reading under the water, ducks!

You just arrived at your destination and you only think about taking a dip? Take a shower first. This will eliminate germs from your body and adapt better to the water temperature. Printed cotton towel Nadia (54,30 €)
and cushion cover Yoko (€ 30.35). Everything from Linum.

Beach kit

Sunglasses, protective cream and
A cap will be the essential trio in your beach bag. Choose it wide, made of cotton or natural fiber. Scarves, reading and a sarong, which serves as a towel, will complete the equipment. Jute sailor bag with leather handles, LIV-Interior (€ 69).

Siesting in the shade

On a towel or in a hammock, a good rest nap after eating feels great. Do not resist! Hammock Show Me Heaven, from Butlers (€ 24.90).

Towel with fish drawing

Turquoise blue velvet towel from H&M (€ 7.99 / 2).

Practical backpacks

Beach Petates Miles Bossa Mariner, of House (€ 8.99 each).

Summer readings

At the pool, after eating or before going to bed, any time is good to read. The last best seller, a good classic ... include a couple of books in your luggage. And if you have children, encourage them to do the same. Backpack printed with postcards, from Pip Studio (€ 89.99).

Suitcase choice

Experienced travelers know that light luggage travel is the smartest thing. Do the same and choose the size of the suitcase according to the days of stay that you are going to stay away from home. You can also opt for a larger one instead of carrying two small ones. Weekend bag, from Ceannis (€ 17).

For personal care

Electric razor Silk Epil 9 Wet & Dry plus facial brush, from Braun (€ 159).

Travel dryer

Dryer Studio 1500, from Taurus (€ 19).

Small allies

Eye! Being on vacation does not mean neglecting our appearance. It is time to show the legs without a trace of hair, protect the hair from the ravages of the sun, clean the skin of the face thoroughly and take care of oral hygiene. Electric toothbrush Sonicare DiamondClean Pink, from Philips (€ 199.99).

Small allies

You need Savona, from Ceannis (from € 20.20).

Small allies

Aloe facial kit, from The Body Shop (€ 16).

Skin and hair, fit

Thermal protector for hair, tea and marigold, by John Masters Organics (€ 32). On sale at

Skin and hair, fit

On vacation your skin requires more care. Include in your bag moisturizing and protective products for face and hair. Oil SPF 30, by Hei Poa (€ 14.90).

Off-road kid to be at home

Comfortable shoes for after the walks, a protective case to carry the phone to all the sites hanging from the neck without sand or dust, and a mask that guarantees nighttime sleep will be your best travel companions and will make you feel like If you were in your own house. Flat shoes (€ 0.99), covers € 9), hermetic travel cases (from € 2.99) and mask (€ 1.99). Everything, Very Much.

Comfortable and practical bags that organize

For shoes, lingerie, dirty clothes, documents ... if your suitcase lacks sufficient compartments, surround yourself with bags and covers. Waterproof handbag (€ 46) and swimsuit Ric Rac (€ 46). Everything by Cath Kidston.

Organizational allies

Shoe cover, by Salvador Bachiller (€ 10).

Something to remember

Take an agenda and write down, as a newspaper, everything that the trip brings you: visited places, lived emotions, contacts of friends ... And decorate your house with a plan that reminds you of how well you have had. Travel books, by Esther & Martin (€ 9.50 each).

Posters of cities, by Deco & Living

Posters of cities, Deco & Living (€ 32.50 each).