12 (winning) ideas for your Oscars party

12 (winning) ideas for your Oscars party

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Bakerella Recipe
Photo: Angie Dudley

Champagne jelly shots

The typical shot but in jelly and champagne format! The most elegant.

Recipe in Delish.

Popcorn Cupcakes

Five stars for these toasties and soft muffins (you can use your favorite dough).

Recipe in Tikkido.

Popcorn cake

Nominated as the "best dessert in a leading role". With popcorn, caramel and peanut butter.

Recipe in Style Sweet CA.

Rosé jelly beans

To enjoy with the most chic jelly beans… Let's uncork a few bottles of rose wine.

Elle Talk recipe.

Strawberry mousse with golden glitters

This elegant cup will triumph for sure.

Sugar and Charm recipe.
Photo: Eden Passante

Chantilly shots of champagne

Why only drink champagne when we can serve champagne cream?

Sprinkle Bakes Recipe.

Popcorn with a lot of class

Basic popcorn is not allowed. Tonight requires something more special.

Buns In My Oven Recipe.
Photo: Karly Campbell

Tuxedo Canapes

This classic dresses up for the Oscar carpet.

Kitchen Mason recipe.
Photo: Emma Mason

Golden truffles ... from Oreo

The perfect sweet for the most chic party, especially for golden sparks.

Recipe in Delish.

The winning pecking

With the dippers and the sauce incorporated in a delicious pan, this is a real winner.

Recipe in Delish.

A cocktail for the golden night

A toast to all the winners of the night!

Salt & Wind Recipe

Via: Delish US