How to decorate the country-inspired dining room table

How to decorate the country-inspired dining room table

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Miriam Yeleq

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On the sides it is convenient to place the most voluminous decorative details - in this case, the bottles, the mini olive tree, the jugs and the wooden box - at the ends of the table. This will avoid two types of interruptions: practices, when guests spend their bread or snacks; and emotional, because they won't lose eye contact.

Pickled wood box

It can be fruit bowl, centerpiece or bread basket. Blank pickled wooden box with yellow kalanchoe, from Viveros Shanghai.

Mini olive tree

Put a tree in your life, but to scale. From Viveros Shanghai: mini olive tree and zinc pot.


With sinuous shape, in pale pink. Vases Viljestark, from Ikea (€ 0.49 each). Its narrow mouth is ideal for keeping hyacinths upright, from Shanghai Nurseries.


Do you prefer a cream or a cold soup? Remember the spoon! Cutlery Förnuft, from Ikea, for 6 services (€ 9.99 / 24 pieces).


For water, juice, sangria, punch ... From Ikea, jugs Intagande (€ 6.99 / each).


They are bottles, but decorative. From lowest to highest (€ 19.99, € 29.99 and € 39.99). From Zara Home.


A successful tableware presentation. Stack, in this order, plain dishes (€ 7), dessert and bowls (€ 6 each). Texture


Faceted glass, in an elegant lilac finish. Of the signature Texture, glasses Sirio (€ 9.90 / 1).

Table paths

The fashion trend: ways to appreciate the beauty of the table, untreated wood (€ 23/2 units). Texture


Dress the table with fabrics that are natural: linen, cotton ... Like these napkins with sheath, Texture (€ 9.90 / two).