You have to see this house designed to enjoy the relaxation of the forest

You have to see this house designed to enjoy the relaxation of the forest

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The architect and interior designer Ray Booth designed this three-story house as a refuge to escape the stress of routine.

With hidden corners and patios everywhere, just touring its spaces is a mental escape if you have not yet been able to go on vacation.


The owners of this spectacular house met in Ibiza and have a particular passion for the beach, so we find many inspirations that bring the sensation of the sea to this forest.

"Seeing that beautiful light as the day ends is really magical."

In the living room the floor evokes the beach with a sand-colored laminate and a blue carpet with relief. And all the decoration of the space in blues and whites is inspirational navy


The best ideas which highlight in the video and with which we agree more than:

In the nº 5: As we explained before, the beach and marine inspiration of the room, especially the floor.

In position nº 4: the corner of being in the bedroom. A little corner where to make a first stop before starting the day.

Post nº 3: The second floor terrace with a row of comfortable armchairs to spend hours soaking up the green of the forest.

In the nº 2: The impressive kitchen island with quartzite countertop, "elegant as marble and resistant as granite".

And in the post nº 1: The (several) porches that are all over the house. A way of living in the forest with the comforts of home.

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