The reform of a stately apartment

The reform of a stately apartment

The best of this Barcelona's Ensanche floor -his stately air- remains intact. Its distribution, little functional, has changed. Completed a reform that was undertaken to provide planning according to its new owners, a young couple with two young children, opens a Revival, dynamic and genuine look. He, photographer, and she, passionate about decoration, wanted to preserve their original structure, with high ceilings, ornamental moldings and large windows.

Their retro doors they are also maintained, although those of access to the bathrooms were changed to other slides to optimize the space. They chose white to paint the walls and thus enhance the light; but also, so as not to detract from the pavement, a colorful hydraulic with a visual impact Amazing in decoration. A wise decision that also prevented chromatic saturation in the environments. Hydraulics are omnipresent in the new hall, open plan.

Its design is key to give visual continuity to the created environments: on one side, living area with work corner, and on the opposite, kitchen and dining room. It is also preserved in the master bedroom where, next to the fireplace and vintage decoration, the leisurely and serene rhythm of past times is evoked. For the bathroom, completely renovated, it was chosen microcement in walls and floor. A material that, being current, due to its texture and natural appearance, fits in the style of the house. A separate world is the children's bedroom. In the first place, on the platform, single color; and then, because of its white and slate decoration, a rare color palette in the baby's room.

Advertising - Keep reading under Christmas atmosphere

The crown at the entrance and the original tree, both black, intoned with the leather armchair. Tulle ornaments and silver balls give luminosity and a festive air to the room, without saturating the environment with more color. The hydraulic pavement continues to be the main protagonist. Lu Ink tree with wooden planks, tulle and balls. Crown and boxes, from Affari and House Doctor. Mirror, from the Miquel Alzueta gallery.

Visual connection in the lounge

The living area, dining room and kitchen share space and luminosity. The house, which was renovated to achieve a diaphanous floor plan and a functional distribution, does maintain its stately style since the high ceiling and the original ornamental ornaments are preserved. Poufs, from BoConcept. On one of them, gray blanket, from House Doctor. Chester armchair, by Merc & Cia.

Play of colors in the living area

The chromatic contrast and the naturalness with which the classic and current furniture coexist endow it with a unique style. Maximum visual interest: pink and red, with its many nuances, on the cushions and on the carpet, spectacular. Parlane tree with candles. In the background, shelves, CoriumCasa; vintage chair and flexo, of The Immaculate Conception. On the wall, Potence lamp, by Vitra.

A comfortable corner

Louis sofa, from BoConcept. Pink corduroy cushions, from Filocolore. Lu Ink mini Scottish cushion. Carpet, by Silvina Marotti Home.

Christmas decoration

Coffee table, Christmas details on it, cushions and red blanket, from Affari and House Doctor.

Kitchen integrated to the living room

The kitchen furniture, with a smooth and white front, is combined with a countertop that harmonizes with the brown and darker pavement. The king size lamp and the retro fridge focus attention with its striking color. Pleated lampshade, by Santa & Cole. Refrigerator, from Smeg. Chairs, from Vitra. The table was bought at an antique dealer in Provence.

Clarity in the kitchen

The kitchen in white and its clear walls, painted, without tiling, enhance the luminosity in the dining room. The large capacity of the furniture, with two fronts in L, allows to dispense with tall cabinets; instead, a composition with large-format photos, books and glass jars on an extra long shelf energizes the decoration. Kitchen furniture, from Ikea. Appliances, from Smeg. Christmas decoration, by Affari and House Doctor. Crystal pastry, from India & Pacific. On the shelf, photographs, by Cristina de Middel and Bito Cels.

A bedroom with pieces from the past

The bedroom decoration recreates the serene and peaceful atmosphere of other times. Quilt and cushions, from Filocolore. Blanket and decorative cages, from Parlane.

Between plants

The vintage rocking chair, the grid mirror and the retro suitcases exude charm around the fireplace, with an elegant mouthpiece. Mirror and rocking chair, from India & Pacific. Scottish cushion, by Lu Ink. Apply black, from CoriumCasa. Suitcases and candles, Affari and House Doctor. On the ground, iron tree, Blaubloom, and boxes: cardboard, Bultaco, and pink, from House Doctor.

Bathroom with natural elements

The microcement that covers floors and walls also shapes the shower / bath duo and transforms into shelves that run along the entire front of the latter; A sample of its great decorative and practical potential. Soaps, from India & Pacific. Wooden boxes, from Ivo & Co. Carpet by Ikea.

Children's bedroom with slate base

The surprise in the children's room is the slate painted baseboard. A dark, unusual tone, which, however, is perfect for enhancing white cribs

A bedroom to play

A decorative and playful idea: the road on the ground to play at all hours. Cots and shelves, from Ikea. Furniture, lamps and textiles, from Nobodinoz. White pouf, from House Doctor, in Nordic Style.

Plan and details of the reform

Retro with character
- Ornamental moldings, old windows and a hydraulic floor. All of them are allies to recreate the style of other times. But they also condition the decoration.