Turn your home into a low cost gym

Turn your home into a low cost gym

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Every year the same thing happens… Christmas Eve arrives and the nougat becomes Al Pacino in Agree with the devil. You see it there, on the table, cut into small pieces that say "eat me, nothing will happen for one ...", but you know that behind the first will go the second, and so on until the devilish tablet ends ... And suddenly, You are in the middle of January with several kilos of more than hopefully they were gold, but no. Does it sound to you

Yes, we know, that in winter it is very cold, the days are shorter and that of going outside as it is not very attractive, and for that reason ... It is the perfect time to set up your home gym low cost! You can train with that t-shirt of Operation Triunfo of the year 2001 and that no one knows your hidden devotion for David Bustamante, follow the tutorials of YouTube exercises on a giant screen, and even take the occasional dance with that playlist what you have hidden in Spotify ...

Wing, put on your socks (you won't need shoes here), and warm up!

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They are still preferred, and they are so comfortable! So get involved in some leggings, and to work!

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Whatever you do, protect your back!

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Keep heart beatings at bay, and train safely!

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Foam block

Ideal to improve yoga postures!

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Elastic band

Simply perfect to do your stretches, but also to tone. Youtube is full of tutorials that will come with pearls to take advantage of it!

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Do you remember aerobics classes? Well put Blue monday from New Order to top volume, and hit the step!

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They already said Tequila: Jump! And you'll see the calorie you burn ...

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Pilates, fitness… The gymball They serve for everything, even for the preparation for the delivery!

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Abdominal wheel

If you want to have abs like Arnold Schwarzenegger, start shooting ...

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No, you will not become Popeye, we promise. But weights are necessary if you want to get toned arms.

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