Keep fresh herbs in olive oil

Keep fresh herbs in olive oil

What a trick! It is one of those ideas that only push you to say "how it had not occurred to me before!" You go to the market and buy fresh aromatic. Or you go to your mother's house and cut some sprigs of that peppermint plant that grows so well there. Or cut the branches of your aromatics because they are the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčleafy. Be that as it may, the cut aromatics have a not very long life. You can freeze the washed leaves, but they don't have the same luster when you defrost them. Here we give you a Basic cooking trick to preserve herbs as fresh as possible for a long time and add them to your dishes whenever you need.

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You just have to chop the herbs (there are special cutters and scissors for this, use a chopper, a normal scissor, a knife or the hand) or leave the leaves whole. Use a tray to make cubes, fill the compartments of the mold with the herbs and fill with olive oil. Cover with transparent film or with the lid of the ice tray, if any, and put in the freezer.

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Once your oil and herb cubes are frozen, take out and store in a bag in the freezer. You just have to add a cube or two to your dish or stew as you prepare it (on the fire or in the oven). With the oil you can make a stir fried directly.