Our deco wishes for 2018: enjoy the good design

Our deco wishes for 2018: enjoy the good design

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The decoration this year fuses impeccable aesthetics and functionality. Get inspired by those furniture and ornaments to decorate your home with a renovated style.

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Do you want to transform a deco complement into an original Christmas detail? These wooden candlesticks, with hand-painted bohochic flowers, are imbued with the Xmas spirit by wearing red and green candles, the traditional colors of these holidays. From the firm Rice (€ 29.90).


We like the combination of the vichy fabric with the golden lace and print. The reindeer seems printed on the pattern of a cut trunk. Cushion, from Greengate, in 40 x 40 cm (€ 27).

Candlestick in brass finish

Its perfect verticality contrasts with the asymmetry of the horizontal pieces that join the five candle holders. Candlestick in brass finish, from A Simple Mess. It has measures of 22 x 12.5 x 19.5 cm (€ 39.95).

Handmade lamp

The lamp SpongeRo! It is pure balance between the smooth finish of its clay screen and the perforated strip that allows the passage of light. From the Spanish firm Pott, it is handmade with pottery techniques. In 20, 30 and 40 cm (from € 192).


From January 31 to February 4 the new appointment with the decoration will take place in IFEMA (Madrid). The interior design offer will focus on the areas of
High Decoration (pavilions 3 and 5) and Textile Editors -pavilion 3, with fabrics, upholsteries, wallpapers and wall coverings-, in addition to the Deco, Handmade and Neo sectors.

Christmas spirit

The Christmas spirit is also fashion.The charm of this greeting is due to two trendy factors: the wool pom poms at the ends, in the purest DIY style, and the wooden letters - a hit of the wall decoration - that slide on a thread in neon coral finish. Garland (€ 19 in

Juliette chair

The firm Baleri Italia commemorates the 30 years of the chair Juliette, designed by Hannes Wettstein. A limited edition of 100 pieces in champagne finish, numbered and signed by the designer (€ 567).

Porcelain house

Light a tea candle inside and it will appear inhabited. Porcelain house, with openings in the door, windows and attic, and a golden tree that climbs its facade. In 8 x 6 x 22 cm (€ 18). From BoConcept.

Smoked glass bottle

It is the schematic vision of a parrot, but sifted by the sense of humor. The bottle Parrot It is made of smoked glass, with white lines like wings and copper "beak". A design by Tomas Kral for the Nude firm (€ 192).

In dusty color

Any piece in a dusty color will become a focal point. The comfortable appearance of this sofa, with backrest, seats and soft armrests, conveys optimism thanks to the upholstery in dusty pink, cotton and linen. De La Redoute Interieurs, is available in two, three and four seats (from € 899).