What is the 'Lagom' and how it can change your house (and your life)

What is the 'Lagom' and how it can change your house (and your life)

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How do the Nordic countries always be at the forefront in the world rankings on happiness? To cope with the cold and the long months with few hours of daylight, its inhabitants have become experts in transforming their homes into perfect shelters and their daily actions in their secret to achieve a full and balanced life. If recently we discovered the Hygge, the way the Danes create cozy atmospheres (you can read about it, here); now it is Sweden that takes a step forward with the Lagom.

This term is difficult to translate. It would be something similar to "neither much, nor little: in the middle" or "in its proper measure" and refers to finding balance between extremes and being more aware of our habits. In the photo gallery that accompanies these lines you can find some keys on how to bring this philosophy to the decoration of your house.

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That is the question ... Following the Lagom, you do not have to let yourself be blinded by consumerism, or lock your credit card. Just think (twice) about the things you really need and get them.

Past and present

Mix new pieces with family memories and market finds with the charm of the past to achieve a more balanced atmosphere.

Beauty and functionality

The Nordic design has always been characterized by combining both. Take this idea to your home by choosing pieces that appeal to you and that really meet your needs.


The Lagom It also makes us reflect on what we consume and our impact on the environment. Planting your own food, isolating our homes well or having the bike at hand are some of the proposals that IKEA Live Lagom They make us.

Work and pleasure

Neither be thinking all day about your work, or forget about them completely. Limit well the hours you dedicate to your work and the moments when you rest and recover strength. Your house can be your best ally for this: prepare it to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of disconnection when you get there. If you work from home, it determines well a work zone and a pleasure zone.


Before deciding to discard and buy something new, think well about what you have at home and if you can give it a second life. Find recycling ideas here and in our craft section.

Craft and design

A harmonic interior is one that has both handmade pieces and current creations with the latest advances in comfort.

Order and style

Everything tidy, but in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Find that midpoint for a pantry 10.