Before and after a bedroom with study and bathroom

Before and after a bedroom with study and bathroom

A dark bedroom (the photos from before - which you can see at the end of the gallery - confirm it) completely transformed into a well-organized personal stay. Soft colors, metallic touches, air casual and dose of glamor.

This bedroom is organized in three environments thanks to the ingenuity of the studio in charge of change: Três Studio. It has a central rest area in which the bed rests on a headboard that in turn makes the bathroom area independent. Next to the access door, a large work and study area.

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A room in which to study, but at the same time, to be able to watch television with comfort and also access the integrated bathroom but without excessively separating the spaces. Três Studio achieved a space that meets all the requirements: a youthful and spacious bedroom with a study area at the foot of the bed and a bathroom behind the headboard.

Desk with wall planning

View of the work and study area, perfectly organized and decorated.

All blank

The work table with an organizational panel in plan time table on the wall.

Study or work

Appointments by hand (on the wall) and space to work with the computer or study.

Wall organizer and positive messages

Next to time table A string with sheets with positive messages. This is how the day faces!

Integrated TV

A warehouse module that integrates the TV to watch movies from the bed has been installed on the desk.

Full composition without reloading

White lightens the study set and allows the wall decoration not to reload the composition.

In detail

Wall calendar detail.

An ergonomic chair

A white study chair.

Everything perfectly organized

Perfect for organizing the agenda.

Add-ons that add up

Complements that raise the level: wood and metallic reflections that are repeated in other corners of the bedroom.

View from the headboard

View from the headboard of the bed, which is also a storage unit, towards the study area.

More than a custom headboard

Detail of the headboard furniture. It is a custom design, projected by the study in charge of the reform. Its function is to separate the bathroom from the bedroom but without obstructing the visual continuity of the spaces. It also serves as storage because the backside "hides" a closet.

Golden notes

Deco detail on the headboard: stacked books and a small plant.

A bedside table

Bedside table detail. A ceiling lamp falls on the container.

Textiles on the bed

The bedding notes color with soft tones and brushstrokes in gold.

Of design

The bedside table, a container Componibili, from Kartell.

View of the rest area

The headboard is upholstered with blue-gray fabric on the side of the bedroom.

A lamp on the bedside table

Lamp detail, responsible for providing more metallic reflections.

Capitoné headboard

Bluish gray headboard fabric with capitoné and detail animal print

Soft Tone Mix

The textiles alternate in colors on the bed although in a soft range.

The reflection of a practical piece of furniture

Reflection in the mirror of the headboard furniture.

With care in the decoration

The accessories above the headboard are from Três Shop. They were chosen in gold in the form of cactus and chair to give a casual and fun air.

Blank and wood

The white and oak wood headboard furniture.


The pampering in the deco details shows.

Original choice

Cacti that never need water ...

Washbasin with vanity

In the bathroom vanity area everything is in order and combined. The result is chic and feminine

The bathroom

The bathroom area.

Coordinated Textiles

The bedroom curtains have been chosen in the same bluish gray tone as the headboard fabric.

Circular shelving

Circular shelving with positive message.

Integrated bathroom

The bathroom integrated in the room.


Reno, from Ikea. Sign Hello, of the store on-line Boho Deco Shop.

Dressing area

Under the bathroom countertop, a couple of storage baskets, from Ferm Living.

Textile baskets

Detail of textile baskets.

With venetian

The bathroom vanity corner. Venetian windows have been installed in the windows to regulate the entry of light to taste.


A vinyl bird on the light switches.

Before the reform

The bedroom before the reform, with dark furniture and intense colors on the walls.

The study area

The work area was arranged differently.

The bathroom before the reform

No room separated the bedroom from the bathroom.

Intense colors in textiles

In textiles, also intense colors.