How to make a hanging kokedama

How to make a hanging kokedama

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A beautiful solution that comes directly from Japan, are the kokedamas. His own name describes them: koke (moss) + lady (ball). Natural plants without a pot that leave their roots in the air in a compact substrate ball and which are also ideal for hanging from the ceilings. And not only outside (balconies or terraces), but the kokedamas are perfect to keep in perfect condition inside the house, free of currents and decorate your home in an original way. Follow this step by step to get them.

Materials you need:
- A silver of little development, at your choice
- Peat
- clay
- Moss
- Thread or rope
- Special substrate for bonsai (akedama)

1. Make a substrate ball

To do this, mix peat and special substrate for bonsai (akadama) in a compact ball. You can add river sand if you wish. Ideally, you mix three parts of peat and one of akadama.

2. Plant the species

Open a hole in the ball and place the roots of your plant, well centered.

3. Reinforce

To reinforce it, surround the ball with rope of your choice (best jute type) and go nudes around. With this you will make it more stable.

4. Place the moss

To maintain the moisture of the kokedama, moss is essential. Cut small pieces and place them around, held in disguised form with the rope.

Do not expose it directly to the sun, avoid the currents and to maintain it, it will be enough to spray it and introduce it in water from time to time at the time you see the moss too dry.