A fresh and youthful apartment for students

A fresh and youthful apartment for students

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On this occasion we wanted to show you a residence for students or professionals Very special, away from the traditional crowded accommodation or shared apartments. Your name, Studied6, It already gives us clues about the style that characterizes these 300 m2 renovated and decorated based on the functionality needed in this type of housing.

We talk about a magnificent stately building of prime location, right in the center of Madrid, dating from 1922 and that, as such, it receives the visitor through its emblematic carriage entrance. As expected from this unique access, the interior respects as far as possible the original structure, with high ceilings and frequent entrances of natural light.

The beauty and personality of certain structural elements, such as the gallery - which now serves as a distributor aisle -, the original marquetry or the large glass doors and palillería, They were respected during the reform. Thanks to this decision, the striking colors used in the bedrooms and the furniture of current design create an enriching contrast when living with the original elements. Even in the kitchen, open to the gallery, the old carpentry alternates with furniture and avant-garde details.

All the effort made to condition the home translates into warmth and full harmony for its guests. A fantastic proposal for those looking for a Long-term accommodation, decorated in detail and in a luxurious setting, whether they are university, postgraduate or professional students who begin their career. A youth space where the flirtatious details, the delicious daily menus and the good company are some of the additional advantages, while maintaining the independence that we all need in our day to day.


- The Estudiomad6 residence It is located in the Plaza de Alonso Martínez, 6 (Madrid). Tels .: 656 805 109 and 687 760 565. [email protected] -

- Accommodation It is designed for 17 university, graduate or professional students with shared common areas.

- The price in single room with breakfast and dinner (from € 900 per month), the double room with breakfast and dinner (from € 830 per month). Registration and one month deposit required. VAT not included.


- The Estudiomad6 residence It includes a weekly laundry service of sheets and towels weekly, as well as daily cleaning of common areas and all rooms also once a week.

- The accommodation has a cook for breakfast and dinner daily and offers the possibility of preparing a tasty picnic for only € 4.

- In addition, those who wish may request laundry and personal ironing.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room, dining room and hall share space

The wider space of the house welcomes the hall, a large dining room and a seating area. The contrast between the interior design and the conservation of original structural elements, such as carpentry, stands out. The dining room wall is decorated with clocks that mark the schedule of the countries of its guests.

A living area to share

Special details define the cosmopolitan character of the house, from the sofa or the coffee table, designed by the owners, to the three clocks in the dining room.

Estudiomad6: Passage zone

The wider space of the house welcomes the hall, a large dining room and a seating area.

A gallery that looks like a garden

The old gallery -with access to the rooms- equipped with large windows, was converted into a rest area. To take advantage of the wonderful clarity, this space was carpeted with artificial grass and completed with natural plants. Today it emulates the closest thing to an indoor garden in the center of Madrid.

Black chairs, from Whatever. Ikea scissor table and matching chair.

Bright and spacious kitchen

In the kitchen, where functionality prevails above all else, neutral tones in furniture and coverings triumph. The discordant note was placed on the front where the bar is located, painted in fuchsia pink, and the striking design stools.

Original details in the kitchen

To reduce the seriousness of the space, a corner with slate paint was decorated where the daily menu is shown and various errands are given.

Room with outside balcony The rooms have a careful decoration

Warm floorboards, walls painted in various shades of gray and furniture finished in white unify all the rooms. A very neutral choice, great to customize with details according to each visitor.

Mosquito net and painting by Ikea. Manta, from Maisons du Monde.

Double rooms

The rooms have a bed, bedside table with light, study area and closet. Although each guest
You can customize your space, the decoration of the environments is very successful, simple and detailed.

The bathrooms

The porcelain slate that covers the bathrooms gets a look Sophisticated and resistant at the same time. The decoration with wooden furniture and mirrors of baroque air is very chic.

Mirrors, from Ikea.