This house in Formentera is a blue paradise

This house in Formentera is a blue paradise

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Jordi Sarrá

Located on a hill in the middle of the Formentera Island, this country house made its owners dream come true: living retired, in the middle of nature, surrounded by the sea and dedicating itself to its main hobbies, painting and restoration. Its new owners, an Italian couple of artists formed by Pier Paola Cané and Angelo Piersimoni, only had to restore the roof with local tile and undertake the installation of the two bathrooms, despite the centennial character of the house.

Inside they preserved the typical structure of the rural houses: beams, carpentry, mud floor ... For the furniture they decided on simple and concise designs of recycled wood, made by Angelo, dotted with some pieces of industrial style. The house on one floor and surrounded by a wonderful garden consists of a kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a third room that serves as a painting studio for Pier Paola. Here he makes his delicious travel books illustrated with watercolors that he later sells in stores on the island or decorates the walls of the house. Painted in white and blue, all of it is a song to the Mediterranean.

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Hedges, cacti, prickly pears, agaves brought from Madeira and native plants make up a wild-looking garden, very informal. Potted plants and clay jars give the outside that rustic touch that fits so well in the houses

Atmosphere fresh
In the center of the garden there was a peaceful seating area on a stone and cement floor. In the late afternoon, and once the space cools, it is a pleasure to sit here to chat while savoring a rich lemonade.

With workshop included
The century-old house has details of the daily life of yesteryear, such as the old oven in which, today as yesterday, delicious homemade pastries are made. Everything is impregnated with that characteristic smell of freshly baked bread.

More wood
The outdoor lounge is furnished with wooden sun loungers inspired by the classic Adirondack design, accompanied by fluffy cushions. All of them are located around a rustic coffee table, decorated with fish silhouettes.

Marine style carpentry

The whitewashed walls contrast with the windows and doors painted in that indigo blue so typical of the coastal towns. This chromatic binomial is a constant inside and outside the house, as here at the main entrance.

Outdoor dining
An elongated table and two benches was the furniture chosen for the outdoor dining room, painted the same blue as the carpentry. The cement floor and the climber that hides the porch deck cool this south-facing space.

Custom designs

The owner, Angelo Piersimoni, creates peculiar pieces from the old woods that the tide drags to the beach, such as the armchair and the mirror frame in the hall. Bags of straw, purchased at street markets, hang from the clothes rack and give the entrance a certain boho air.

Respect for the old

The owners decided to keep the clay tiles, some worn, and thus maintain the genuine essence of the house. In the living room, white cotton curtains let the breeze circulate with complete freedom. Crown-shaped wall lamp, by Catalina House.

Cozy hall

Inspired by the old cabins, a wall of the
lobby has been lined with wooden slats
white lacquered giving rise to a frieze-coat rack that brings warmth to the space. On the wall, a painting by the artist Pier Paola Cané, owner of the house.

The modern touch

The traditional image of the country houses, where life was made around the table, is very present in this kitchen also protected with wooden slats. Three industrial style lamps, aligned on the office, return us to the current era. Steel lamps, from Ikea.

Horizontal storage

The absence of tall cabinets to store the dishes and utensils is compensated with a practical system of bars and shelves that expose the most used utensils.

Around the table
An extensible white table, capable of receiving multiple guests, is the main protagonist of the kitchen. Around it, old wooden chairs were arranged, all different, that give it that old character. Dressed or natural, always ready to offer a bite.

Relaxing bath

To get into the bathtub while listening to the birds' trill and see the green outside is a luxury in the two bathrooms of similar bill. The size of this is enlarged thanks to the presence of the XL mirror framed on the sink.

Handmade work

Angelo's fondness for woodworking is appreciated throughout the house, since much of the furniture is his work: the stripped of the sofas, the frames of the mirrors, the headboards of the beds ... acquire another reality in their hands. At the back of the room, a charcoal by Pier Paola.

They are from sea

A large bed with side tables is the simple furniture of the master bedroom, in which marine references stand out: gray-blue striped textiles, wooden letters ...

Well protected

Mosquito nets were arranged in all the windows of the house that prevent the passage of insects inside while, outside, they are equipped with shutters that mitigate excess light
and heat at day or cool at night.

Guest room
Two 90 cm beds, separated by a bedside table, equip the second bedroom. The structure of both, in white lacquered wood, contrasts with the bedspreads and stools in blue - made by Angelo -, matching the interior and exterior carpentry.

Romantic airs

Hanging on a beam, some mosquito nets allow you to spend annoying nights
bites Also, next to the old ship lantern
on the wall, give the room a light touch
Romantic. Mosquito nets, for sale in Ikea.

Chill out zone Jordi Sarrá

Behind the entrance porch, on the side of the house, there is a relaxing seating area that allows you to chat sitting on the bench next to the wall, reading or sunbathing in the hammocks, surrounded by plenty vegetation.