A central and bright apartment

A central and bright apartment

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It is very different to look for a house where to live, than to look for one to live and work in it. The latter was the objective of Maite González Fernández and Diego Martínez Montejano - architects and founders of the Arkittec- architecture studio when they began their search. Central, but without the endless corridor of the old houses, and bright, The house on these pages met all the requirements that they had set: it should be a space that they could easily divide to reconcile your family home and your architecture studio; and that he had a direct entrance to it for professional visits.

On a plane, it is immediately perceived that access to the house divides it into two zones. A smaller one, towards the inner courtyard, is the Arkittec office-studio, and another, which occupies approximately seventy-five percent of the area with windows to the street, is his home. The distribution they projected changed it completely. Where the kitchen used to be located the studio; they also modified the original corridor and finally, they placed in what was the former distributor, three spaces that do not require natural light: the two bathrooms for the bedrooms and a pantry-laundry room next to the kitchen. His initial idea was create a large shared space for living room-dining room-kitchen, but the existence of a load wall prevented it. The solution: locate the living room in the room with windows to two streets and then, behind the wall, join the dining room and kitchen.

In both cases there are no doors, and the feeling of spaciousness is greater, especially in the dining room to be open to the passage area and gain those meters. As for the materials, they combined smooth plastic paint and a warm jatoba platform that gives visual continuity to the environments. The recycled industrial parquet jatoba was used throughout the house, even in wet areas, such as bathrooms and kitchen, being a tropical wood. Finally, new windows were installed to improve the acoustic and thermal insulation and the water and electricity installations were updated and adapted to the new distribution. A plus: indirect lighting with linestras on the false ceiling.

Advertising - Keep reading below A spacious and sunny living room

The windows and the irregular floor of the room conditioned the distribution. The solution: give all the prominence to a single piece of furniture, a large sofa with chaise longue. Armchairs and coffee tables are the cast actors.

Reform and interior design, from the Arkittec studio. Windows with aluminum profiles, Technal, and double glazing, Climalit, installed by Talleres San Antonio. The coffee tables, designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925, with a tubular steel structure that was revolutionary for its time, are a design classic.

Tables Laccio, edited by Knoll, with envelope available in several finishes (from € 238 in La Oca). Glasses and teapot, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Armchairs, by Naharro Showroom, with raw cushions, by Arkittec. Hair and carpet cushions, by Gancedo. Plaid coral, Texture. Bookstore, from Europe 20.

A green garden on the balcony

If you have an urban balcony, decorate it with plants to rejoice the view. Choose mini pots, if you want to vary your arrangement frequently. Perfect the idea of ​​placing others at medium height and two hanging lanterns.

A deco with details from other times

A music lover pays his particular tribute to vinyl with an old record player, a jewel as evocative as decorative! You will place it in a prominent and safe place, to see it frequently. Arkitte record player briefcase.

The painter's corner

An easel that is used by the artist of the house or that is a piece with sentimental value is a decorative detail that personalizes the decoration. In this room, without a doubt, puts the note of warmth.

Visual connection

Kitchen and dining room share space with the living room and the same refined style, which creates a more spacious feeling. The peninsula, which defines each environment, also has a great visual impact on the decoration due to its black color and generous dimensions.

Kitchen, Moretti, with Logos furniture, and part of the paneled appliances. Chairs Panton Y Tom Vac, of the firm Vitra, acquired in Naharro Showroom. Table, Volume. Jatoba platform, from Tropical Trees.

A kitchen to live together

The island is equipped with a cooking zone and sink, to work without losing the visual connection to the dining room. A solution that turns this space into a meeting and meeting place with family and friends.

Black granite countertop from South Africa by Moretti. Vitroceramic, from Siemens. Griffin, from Zucchetti. Sauces on wooden base and tea towels, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Colorful decoration

Vibrant colors burst strongly into this wall and break the hegemony of white. It becomes a focal point with the chromatic play of the canvas, by María José Serrano, and the chairs. Next to these, a practical multipurpose cart to have on hand the newspaper and some books.

High chairs Tripp Trapp, from Stokke, in Baby Calmera. Carro, from La Oca.

The children's room

The characters of drawings and comics, along with the sports equipment hung on the walls, bring doses of visual interest, vitality and dynamism to the decoration of the children's bedroom.

In the bedroom, furniture, of Ikea; picture with illustrations of Tintin, design by Arkittec, and blind, by Louverdrape. In the children's bathroom, decorative vinyl, by HØsten.

Soft colors in the children's bedroom

The variety of pastel colors provided by the covers and cushions gives a very natural and casual look to this bedroom, where the bunk bed
lightens your visual weight with its broken white color and tubular structure.

Bunk bed, coffee table, heart cover and star-shaped lamps by Ikea. Panton Junior Chairs, by Vitra, purchased at Naharro Showroom.

The bathroom combines white and red

The contrast of gresites focuses attention on the children's bathroom and gives it an unusual strength and character in these types of spaces. The biggest impact: cover the roof of the bathtub also with the tile.

The children's bathroom

Gresite vitrified, from Alcer. Sanitary, from Valadares. Taps, by Zucchetti. Stools, by Ikea.

A calm bedroom

The fabrics are protagonists in the decoration of the bedroom, in the absence of headboard. In bed, the textures of herringbone linen and pique fabric with different motifs, together with the harmonic cushions in turquoise, green and ivory, create an enveloping atmosphere that invites you to rest.

Cushions: patterned turquoise and ivory, from Arkittec; with pictures, by Gancedo. Bedspreads: linen, Batavia; and piqué, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Curtains, from Ikea. Roller blind, from Louverdrape.

Retro winks in the bedroom

A mannequin and a golden mirror with profusely decorated molding are the vintage counterpoint to the white lacquered furniture of refined and contemporary design.

Oval mirror, by Arkittec. Lacquered chest of drawers, from Europe 20.

A charming dressing table

It is only necessary a special, exotic or vintage complement to give a feminine air to the dresser or the dressing table of the bedroom. Jeweler with rhinestones, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Vase, from Zara Home.

The bathroom

In the bathroom, furniture with sink, Cosmic; tap, from Zucchetti, and vitresified stoneware, from Alcer.

Housing plan

Located in a neighborhood with a lot of traffic, the objective was to improve its acoustic and thermal insulation. To this end, an intergypsum fibroyeso plaque was installed on the walls of the façade; also in ceiling and partitions. In this way, the external noise does not reach the interior and the consumption of heating and air conditioning is reduced.

The windows were also renovated with the same objective: double insulation. They are made of aluminum carpentry, Technal, with a hidden two-color profile with thermal break and double glazing with an intermediate air chamber of the Climalit brand.