A bright and diaphanous floor

A bright and diaphanous floor

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The bright and current image that shows this 180 m² house in Barcelona in nothing remember the original appearance of the floor. When its owners - a young couple with three children - acquired it, the house had low ceilings and a distribution based on multiple small spaces.

However, both aspired to live in a cheerful, modern house that adapted to their family life. Jordi Tejedor, of the Design and Interior Architecture Studio Cid Delta, understood their needs and undertook a total reform: knocked down all the walls, raised the ceilings and integrated the terraces into the living room and bedroom. From here he planned a distribution divided into two zones separated by the distributor: in the first one he located the living room and the kitchen; and in the second he placed the bedrooms and bathrooms. Further, opted for sliding doors which, in the case of the children's room, allow the spaces for study or rest to be independent as needs change. With three children, Jordi Tejedor was aware that the house had to offer numerous storage areas.

Therefore in the hall he made a practical built-in closet. Lighting was another key point. In fact, the walls of the living room did not extend to the ceiling so that natural light passed into the hall; In addition, part of the wall that separates the corridor from the main bathroom was made with pavés. The white paint on walls and ceilings, the vinyl floor that imitates wood and the upholsteries in light tones contribute to create cheerful atmospheres, decorated with furniture of current lines and complements of bright colors.

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In the hall, white lacquered sliding doors were chosen, which contrast with the wall covered with stone.


The terrace was integrated into the living room to expand the living area and decorated with light coverings and furniture to make it more bright. Sofa by Grassoler. Cushions: the rectangular one was made with a Sati fabric; all, in Llanos Interiorismo. Francisco Jiménez paintings, for sale in Fann. Carpet, by Nani Marquina.


The dining room was located in the smallest area, next to the door. As this is sliding, the space was used to place a large table and four chairs. Table in India & Pacific. Chairs, by Andreu World. Tableware, from VTV. The carpet is from Nani Marquina.


The dining room walls did not extend to the ceiling to allow the light to pass into the corridor, interior and without windows.


The corridor was designed as a useful space, with a front of cabinets to the right in tune with the wall and without handles to integrate them into the decoration. In the background, the wall of pavements facilitates the passage of light from the bedroom. Wardrobes, by Alba Rubio.


In the kitchen materials and spaces alternated to give dynamism to the environment. In the cooking zone, the wall - painted green - was protected from stains with a steel front. In addition, tall furniture was replaced by shelves so as not to recharge the space. Leicht furniture.


The main room was extended by integrating the terrace. Under the windows a custom furniture designed by Cid Delta was made. The headboard was also made to measure, in lacquered wood; Its surface serves as a shelf and incorporates a wall lamp on each side of the bed. Lingerie and armchair Serenguetti, from VTV.


In the master bedroom, wall-to-wall cabinets with sliding glass doors were placed at the foot of the bed that, open, do not obstruct the passage.


The front and the wooden countertop enhance the feeling of warmth in the bathroom, decorated with sanitary ware and design accessories that recreate a very modern environment. Towels on VTV.


The children's room was decorated with a composition consisting of two train bunk beds, an L-shaped bed, cabinets and drawers. The area was completed with a table and chairs to study or play. Composition of the Loy de Azcue series. Quilts, from Ikea.


In this environment the light furniture was combined with green paint and red details. Ivory 1414, Almond 1475 and Red China 1405. All of the Titanlak collection, from the firm Tintan.